Fall Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Fall Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Ah… fall! There is so much to see and do. In addition to work and school activities, make sure to enjoy some great family outdoor activities, too. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Playing in Leaves

Okay, perhaps yard work doesn’t sound like a fun family activity, but it’s all in the attitude. Do you remember what great fun you had raking leaves into piles and then jumping in them when you were a kid? Having children or nieces and nephews of your own is an excellent excuse to act like a kid again. So… get a little yard work done and have a ton of fun in the process. Don’t forget to take selfies to post on social media or send to the grandparents.

Make sure to choose a dry day for this one (no one wants to get wet raking leaves). And when it comes to what to wear? It’s fleece all around! Women’s fleece jackets, men’s fleece jackets, and kids’ fleece will keep you cozy as you make those piles and jump into them. Fleece is also wonderfully easy to clean. Just wash your fleece with like fabrics in cold water and avoid high temperatures in the dryer. Heat and friction can both cause fleece to pill over time.


What is fall without a hike (or at least a stroll)? Before the weather gets too fierce (like it does in Wisconsin), get the whole crew out for a lovely morning or afternoon hike one day. If you have walking or hiking trails in your neighborhood, great! If not, it’s an opportunity to explore some new hiking locales. Check online and plan a day around it! For a fall snack after your hike, consider fresh apples. They are a fall treat sliced with honey, caramel, or peanut butter added to them.

Make sure to wear good hiking boots that are already broken in for the best results. Check the weather forecast and make sure everyone has a jacket at the ready. Women’s jeans and a T-shirt are a versatile choice. Long pants will keep your legs warm, and you can always add or remove a jacket to adjust to changing weather conditions.

Bike Ride

Don’t you love a family bike ride? Make sure to get at least one in while the weather is still mild enough. If you live anywhere like Wisconsin, there will be days when cycling seems like a distant memory in the winter. Adjust the length of the bike ride, the scenery involved, and the types of stops you might like to make to the ages and interests of your crew. Biking at a local park where the adults can sit and converse while the kids play on the playground can be a fun option. If it is a warm day, perhaps bike together and then stop off for some end-of-the-warm weather ice cream.

Kids’ sneakers and jackets are a must for a family bike ride. No matter how warm it still is outside, don’t let them on their bikes wearing sandals. The first rule of a fun family bike ride is no ER visits or having to get out the first aid kit.

Botanical Garden

If you have a local botanical garden or would like to make a day trip to visit one, this can be a beautiful way to enjoy the season with your family. Most botanical gardens pride themselves on having exhibits and activities as close to year-round as possible. The grounds will provide you with an automatic route for a lovely fall family stroll. If you have a green thumb (or would like to develop one), they often have helpful tips about fall gardening and what plants will thrive well in your local area.

Perhaps you’ll get some ideas for warm weather next year, too. It’s never too early to start thinking about what lovely flowers you might enjoy growing so you can enjoy them while you are basking in the summer sun in your Adirondack chairs next year.

Pumpkin Patch

Would it be fall without a pumpkin patch? Whether it’s already a family tradition or it just sounds like a fun idea, take advantage of all that a pumpkin patch has to offer for a family outing. From hay rack rides to picking out the perfect pumpkin, bobbing for apples, tasting fresh apple cider, or getting lost in a corn maze, this one is sure to please the whole family.

If the weather is in between, a flannel shirt can be a great option for staying comfy. You can layer it over a tank top or wear it by itself and enjoy the oh-so-cozy feel of flannel all day.

Enjoy your fall outdoor activities with your family!


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