Fall Necessities

Fall necessities for a trip to the pumpkin patch.

You might be thinking: “I usually go to the pumpkin patch, pick up a pumpkin, and leave. And that’s it. What else would I really need to bring?”

Sure, it seems like that at first but in reality it’s more like “I pack my canvas tote, choose a jacket, look in the mirror, choose a different jacket, get in the car, then I double check that I have everything, head to the gas station, maybe grab a road snack, and then I’m on my way…”

The lead up to the experience often involves plenty of steps, more than the event itself. Let’s get right to it and see which fall necessities we’ll be bringing to our town’s best pumpkin patch.

What to wear to the pumpkin patch?

The daily struggle: oh, what to wear? There’s something unique about how we take care of our looks even when we do something as silly as picking out a pumpkin. It’s pretty much like dressing up for the holidays since a lot of our own holiday photos take place at these pumpkin patches.

So what should we wear?

  1. The pumpkin culture = blue jeans galore. Even the scarecrow will be wearing blue jeans. So if you’re not in the jeans wearing mood, what type of pants will you want to be wearing? Try a leggings and long sweatshirt combo (or opt in for a flannel tunic). Both will look great with your duck boots.
  2. There’s a reason we call it a fall jacket, and the trip to the pumpkin patch is the reason. This is what it’s all about. Grab something water resistant in case of emergency. On the other hand, if you’re feeling confident about the weather go for it, wear that shawl or fleece jacket.
  3. Which brings us to the main fall topic: flannel. Sure, if everybody wore flannel shirts the farmers would love us because we’d fit the bill as scarecrows and they wouldn’t have to worry about the birds. But the beauty in flannel is all about the cozy warmth. Go solid, go plaid, do what feels right, so long as you’re wearing flannel.
  4. In case of emergency (aka if it’s in the 30s or 40s for some insane reason) you can wear long underwear. Hopefully it’s hovering right in the 50s and you won’t have to worry about long underwear just yet.
  5. Duck boots! You’re walking around in a field and it might get muddy, so don’t forget to wear shoes that are built for that kind of activity. Plus, they look good no matter what you do to them.
  6. Hat and glove time. Knit hats, a sun hat, a baseball hat: you have a responsibility to put your best hats to use. And if you don’t plan on keeping your hands in your pockets all day, you’ll want to grab some fleece lined gloves on your way out the door.
  7. Fall would be far less enjoyable if we didn’t get to choose which scarf to wear. If you have cashmere, you’re definitely going to bring that one, but if you have a solid fleece scarf too? Bring it just in case. The more scarves the merrier.

The perfect fall photo op: bring a camera.

Unless you still carry around a flip phone, you probably have a pretty good camera on your phone. But this has the potential to be a really great photo so if you have a DSLR or even a film camera, you can get yourself a great shot. Think about your Christmas card, think about your anniversary photo. Whatever it is, you’ll look lovely!

Bring along a tote.

A lot of these pumpkin patches have fun and games for the kids but they also have fun and games for adults (meaning fresh produce and seasonal markets). Don’t juggle the squash and corn all the way back to the car, a tote will make it way easier.

Dogs wear coats too.

Bring a doggie sweater or coat for your furry friend. When you’re feeling the chill, they’re probably feeling it too. Can’t hurt to bring along a dog toy by the way.

The non-essential necessities.

To make sure we’ve got you totally covered we have to run through some non-essentials too. You won’t be lost without them, but they’re pretty great.

  • Growler. Maybe there’s a craft brewery along the way, or you’ve been meaning to try out the cider at the apple orchard.
  • Fall playlist. If you build a playlist to the pumpkin patch you’re going to enhance the driving experience on the way.
  • Bring a blanket along in case you want to stop somewhere along the way and have a quick picnic. If it’s too windy for a picnic you can wrap yourself up in one while you’re walking around the pumpkin patch.

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