Fall Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

Fall Indoor Activities for the Whole Family

Fall is a magical time of year. It’s a time to celebrate the summer’s harvest and the change in season. A crisp chill in the air has led you to switch from linen to flannel sheets and down comforters. The leaves are exploding into glorious shades of gold and ruby red, and so many incredible foods are in season. You want your kids to appreciate the fall too, so it’s essential to do fall activities to pique their interest. We’ve compiled a list of fall activities you can do indoors this autumn that will involve the whole family.

Pumpkin Everything

The pumpkin spice latte is back in coffee shops, and it’s time to bring pumpkin into your home. After spending a day at the pumpkin patch picking out favorites, it’s time to put them to use. While a pumpkin looks excellent for decoration, make it even cuter by giving it a face. Older children can get to work carving, while younger children may be better suited to paint on their pumpkins.

You can get pumpkin-carving kits with specialized tools for all the different aspects of the project. Often these kits come with stencils to help direct the carving process. To carve your pumpkin, you’ll need to open the pumpkin from the top. Have washcloths handy because this project can get messy. Cut a circle around the stem and pull off the top. Keep this cap, as you’ll want it later.

The inside of the pumpkin is a sensory experience, especially for younger ones. They will love playing with the pith and can pull out material from the inside. You’ll want to keep the seeds for snacking, but discard the stringy material.

Next, scrape the insides with a metal spoon. Then place a stencil or draw the design you’d like carved and get to work cutting from the outside; that way, the sharp tool won’t poke you. You’ll be carving out the negative space to reveal the design. Use caution and observe kids closely during this part.

Once you’ve carved your pumpkin, place a candle and put the stem back on top. Set it outside to decorate the exterior of your home on the front steps or the patio furniture. After you’ve carved your pumpkin, it’s time to roast the seeds. They make a great, nutritious snack.

Decorate the House for Autumn and Craft Away

Leftover pumpkin seeds aren’t only a yummy snack. They can be dyed and used for collages or even for counting games for younger ones. Involving younger children requires keeping their minds active, and sensory experiences like feeling the inside of the pumpkin or playing with the dried seeds can be a great way to keep them engaged.

Teach older children how to knit, an excellent activity for the season, as it yields warm clothing items they can wear immediately. Another super fun family activity is decorating the home for autumn. With such a rich color palette, the house will look great. Make it a ritual to decorate the home with fall home décor. Have a photo shoot in your newly fall-festive home with fun costumes and accessories. You’ll love looking back on the photos for years to come.

You can even have the kids create some fall decor themselves. Making prints and potato stamps can be an excellent activity. Take a potato, cut it in half, and carve a simple face. The round shape of the potato makes it look like a pumpkin when used as a stamp. The kids can then apply paint to the potato, press its face to paper, and reveal a perfect pumpkin. They can then paint details onto the page, such as a stem and color to the eyes and mouth. For more print-making, gather leaves from outside and use those to create beautiful artwork. Or, encourage everyone to draw their favorite fall scene and have a fall-themed art show.

Fall Baking and Cooking

With so many fantastic fall recipes, everyone will be excited to take a bite of the masterpieces you bake and cook. Autumn yields beautiful squash, pumpkin, corn, and root vegetables, which combine nicely for soups, warm salads, and roasted dishes. Apples are delicious in different baking recipes like crumbles, pies, fritters, and donuts. Pumpkin also tastes incredible in various desserts. Building confidence in the kitchen is a great family activity that will get everyone involved.

Quality family time is an enriching way to spend a fall day indoors. There are many fantastic autumn activities to get everyone involved and spend time together. We’ve compiled this list of indoor activities to show the kids don’t have to take off their kid’s slippers to have fun this autumn season. Nestle in, and have a blast.


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