Best Plus Size Swim Dresses That You'll Love

Best plus size swim dresses that you'll love

Have you spent weeks looking at plus-size swimwear, but can't find anything you like? Give one of our swim dresses a try. Cute and comfy, they're just what you need for visiting the beach or taking the kids to the pool. Here are your questions and answers about our women's plus-size swim dresses.

What is the best swim dress style for plus sizes?

If you have a fuller figure, you'll look gorgeous in almost any of our swim dresses. They're designed with wider straps and a figure-balancing square neckline, so they'll flatter your build without making you uncomfortable. The skirt comes to low hip for pretty coverage. There are also different colors and patterns to choose from, so it's easy to find one that captures your personal style. Swim dresses are designed with a highly-supportive underwire bra. Adjustable straps help secure the fit. You're going to love the way you feel.

Will a swim dress accentuate an hourglass shape?

A one-piece swim dress has a tricot dress that falls over an interior suit made with shape smoothing Slendertex® fabric. This is specially designed to flatter your curves, while gorgeous over-dress with criss-cross shirring (pleating) works to visually accentuate an hourglass shape. An underwire bra built into the suit, along with comfortable wide straps is a pure bonus.

Can I wear my swim dress in the water?

Absolutely. Our plus-size swim dresses are a style made for swimming. The stay-put straps and hidden one-piece attached suit underneath make it water ready. The low-cut bottom won't ride up.

Are there swim dresses with high necklines?

Yes! If you prefer a higher neckline there are options for you. While this depends a bit on the fit of each individual swimming dress, there are several options that will keep you covered up top. While you’re shopping, look for swim dresses that are labeled “high neck” or that have a halter top type neckline.

What bottoms should I wear with my swim dress?

Some swim dresses have a sewn-in suit, so you don't need to wear anything underneath. Other styles require bottoms though, and almost anything will work. Try some matching bikini briefs, a swim skirt, or a pair of swim capris if you want more coverage and sun protection.

Will a swim dress support my chest?

We've added soft cup bras to many of our cute plus-size swim dresses for light support. Others have hidden underwires that lift and shape your bosom.

Are some swim dresses longer than others?

Making sure that you love the style, fit, and length of your swim dress is the key to feeling confident and special. So, if you’re uncomfortable or worried about the length of your swim dress, that won’t help your confidence. Yes, some swim dresses are longer than others. They also have different fits. Some of them have skirts that are more full and others have a more fitted skirt. In order to ensure your swim dress has a longer skirt, it will take some trying on to see what you love best.

Can a swim dress protect me from the sun?

Simply by covering more skin, swim dresses offer better sun protection than typical bikinis and one-piece bathing suits for women. We also use high-tech UPF 50 fabric in our best plus-size swimwear that blocks 98% of aging rays. You'll still need to wear sunscreen on exposed areas though, including your face, back, and legs.

What accessories go well with a swim dress?

The short answer is that anything that you would wear with a swimming suit will go well with a swim dress. So, start with a large-brimmed visor or hat that will look fabulous while also protecting your face and neck from the sun. A pair of sunglasses is also great for keeping you looking fabulous while protecting your eyes. A canvas tote for carrying your beach towel, sunscreen, and favorite book is always a must as well. Ultimately, if the accessory makes you happy and you think it looks amazing, then you’ll feel great and feel more confident. 

How can I make my swim dress last?

The main thing you need to do to make your swim dress last is to not be too rough on it. Because it will probably be exposed to pool chemicals, saltwater, the sun, etc. your swim dress can take a bit of a beating. So, after each use, be very gentle with it. Consider buying multiple swim dresses and switching them out or alternating them.  It can be tempting to just pack one swimming suit for a vacation where you’ll be in the water quite a bit. However, it’s better to take at least two swim dresses with you so you can allow each one proper washing and gentle drying time after each use. This will help your swim dresses last much longer.

How do I care for my swim dress?

Show your swim dress a little TLC, and it will last for years. Always rinse it immediately after wearing it to wash away salt, sand, chlorine, and other substances that can break down the dress's fabric. When you have time, hand wash it using a mild detergent, baby shampoo, or even a little vinegar and let it air dry away from direct light to prevent fading.

Do I have to air dry my swim dress?

As mentioned above, you need to make sure you’re caring for your swim dress carefully if you want it to last. The dryer can be harsh on clothing. So, yes, it is always better to air dry your sundress rather than throw it in the dryer. We know it’s faster to dry it that way, but it can be much harsher.


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