Fall Decor to Cozy Up Your House

Fall Decor to Cozy Up Your House

Every season has its perks. Winter brings the holidays, spring gives us mild temperatures, summer is about fun in the sun, and fall has a little bit of everything. Some people absolutely adore fall and look forward to it. Others see it as a sign that winter is coming and have a difficult time saying goodbye to summer. If you’re in the latter group, do yourself a favor: Stop and smell the pumpkins. There is so much that fall has to offer. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, that’s fine too — you can always bring fall indoors to make your home feel cozy and warm when autumn arrives. We have some easy and inexpensive ways to choose fall decor that will cozy up your house.

Handmade Crafts

Just like you may have personalized Christmas stockings hanging in your house at Christmas time, having something either personalized or handmade in your home is a nice touch for any holiday or season. Of course, having each member of your family carve a pumpkin and put it on display is a great way to bring fall indoors while also adding a personal touch. But there are also lots of other crafts that are easy to make and also great for getting the kids involved. Whether it’s wreaths made of leaves, centerpieces made of Indian corn, or anything apple-related, fall-inspired decor can really make the home look cozy and appeal to all the senses. Don’t forget Halloween decor, too!


Whether it’s throw pillows or throw blankets, replacing them now and then is a fantastic way to switch up your decor for any season. For example, a couch that normally sits bare in the summertime can take on an entirely new look when draped by a burnt orange throw blanket and adorned with a couple of throw pillows in any type of fall pattern. Don’t assume the pattern has to be all about fall leaves, either. In fact, you don’t need any pattern. Stick with earthy colors that match the season and that should do the trick if you want to give any room a cozy fall feeling.


Pumpkin, spice and everything nice — that’s what fall is all about, right? Okay, maybe pumpkin spice is an acquired taste for some, but apples, cinnamon, clove, figs, sandalwood, sage, pomegranate, and other earthy fragrances that fill the air in autumn can make your home smell so inviting you’ll never want to leave. The cool thing about candles is they not only smell good, but they look great and are affordable enough to replace for every season. Stow away your citrus and flowery scents until next summer and invest in some new earthy-fragranced candles in gorgeous fall colors to add an amazing ambiance to your home this fall. Whether it’s tabletop pillar candles, sconces, or tealights, they all add something special to a home – even when they’re not lit.

Bathroom Updates

An often overlooked part of the home when it comes to seasonal decorating is the bathroom. If you’ve been totally fine with the same color scheme and wall decor every single day no matter the season, good for you. But once you see what an amazing and affordable transformation a few easy fixes can make, you’ll wonder why you didn’t switch things up sooner. You don’t have to paint the walls or redo the floors either. All it takes is changing the essentials, like the bath towels and bath mat to make the bathroom look practically brand new. You can have fun with it by incorporating fall-themed designs on the towels, or you could keep it simple by just using solid fall colors. Regardless, adding some soft Supima cotton bath towels to your towel racks in warm hues will not only look cozy for fall but also feel amazing after a warm bath to take away the chill of the fall air.

Bedroom Comfort

After spending the day out in the fresh fall air, comfort is likely your top priority. Crawling into a nice warm bed with amazingly soft flannel sheets is ideal after a long fall day. But it isn’t just for the comfort; it’s also because flannel and fall go hand-in-hand when it comes to appearance. Putting some plaid flannel sheets on your bed — especially when covered with a white comforter or duvet — not only look greats for fall but will likely make for a very comfortable night’s rest, too.

As you can see, it only takes a few simple touches to really transform your home and make it feel cozy this fall.


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