Fall Accessories Every Woman Needs to Own

Fall Accessories Every Woman Needs to Own

Spruce up your fall wardrobe with fashion accessories. No matter what you plan to wear this fall, there are accessories to dress up your look. Keep reading for inspiration on accessorizing your outfits, whether you’re wearing business casual clothing or your favorite loungewear.

Accessories for Dresses and Skirts

One of the easiest ways to look stylish this fall is by slipping into a long-sleeve maxi dress. If you prefer a shorter length, there are fit and flare dresses in various styles. You’ll also find various skirts in different lengths that you can mix and match with different tops. For a dressy look, wear a women’s blazer over a dress. If you want to add casual flair to your look, women’s jean jackets are an option.

Dresses and skirts pair well with almost any type of jewelry, from oversized hoops and stacks of bangle bracelets to classic stud earrings and a simple cuff. When choosing a necklace, consider the neckline of the dress or top you’re wearing. Play around with different necklace lengths to see what works best—you can even layer necklaces for an on-trend look.

Accessories for Jeans and Sweaters

Jeans with a sweater is a classic fall look that you can dress up or down. The first step is choosing your preferred denim style from options such as skinny jeans, high-rise jeans and classic straight-leg styles. Women’s jeans come in sizes to fit every body, including regular, petite, plus, and tall.

Choosing a women's sweater is a matter of preference. Wear skinny jeans with a bulky oversize sweater for a balanced look, or pair relaxed-fit high-rise jeans with a fitted sweater. There are boatneck sweaters for an elegant look, along with classic scoop and V-necks. Turtlenecks go well with any type of denim, and you can wear them with virtually any necklace style. Dress up your denim outfit with a casual handbag in a slouchy style—go for classic brown, black, or navy if you like a traditional look. Or add a pop of color to neutral outfits with a handbag in a vibrant color.

Accessories for Slacks and Blouses

If you’re headed to the office or want a dressy outfit for a formal dinner, slacks or a pencil skirt with a blouse are appropriate for almost any occasion. There are modest blouses with high keyhole necks that don’t require a lot of accessorizing, along with button-down blouses that you can wear with a simple gold chain and small hoop earrings.

When it comes to accessorizing slacks or a skirt and blouse with footwear, you can’t miss with a pair of medium-height pumps. Match your pumps to your slacks or skirt for a complementary look, or go trendy with a pair of nude heels with any color outfit. If you prefer flat shoes, there are a variety of styles to consider. Suede or leather loafers work with any semi-dressy outfit, as do ballet flats.

Accessories for Leggings and Tunics

One of the most comfortable—and versatile—outfits for fall is the legging-tunic combo. Leggings come in a variety of colors and prints, so you can wear them with all kinds of tunics. Try pairing a printed tunic with solid leggings or switch it up and wear a solid-color tunic with printed leggings. Calf-high boots are an option for footwear, or you can go with your favorite flats or heels.

You don’t need a lot of jewelry with leggings and a tunic, especially if one of your pieces features a bold print. However, you can always add a simple strand of pearls or a single chain necklace for classic elegance. Even a bold ring can be enough to accessorize your outfit.

Accessories for Loungewear

If comfy loungewear is your go-to style this fall, all you need to add a touch of style is large hoop earrings or another attention-getting style. The addition of a single simple jewelry item is a great way to impart an on-trend look to women’s joggers and a tee. Even if you’re working from home, adding an accessory or two can help you feel more polished and ready to tackle the day. If you happen to be working in comfy PJs, you can still accessorize and add comfort to your outfit with a pair of cozy slippers.

Choosing Your Signature Pieces

When selecting accessories to go with your fall outfits, you may want a few signature pieces that you wear every day. A medium-sized handbag in your favorite neutral color is a wardrobe staple to consider, along with one piece of jewelry you wear all the time. It could be as simple as a plain band on your finger or a favorite pair of earrings.

The best way to find which accessories go with which fall outfits is to experiment. Have fun with pairing jewelry and apparel to find the looks you like best!

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