4 Exciting Family Reunion Trips

4 Exciting Family Reunion Trips

There’s nothing like spending time with your extended family. The younger generations get to learn from the older ones and see where they come from. Cousins, siblings, aunts, and uncles all get to reconnect and share updates on their lives. It’s sometimes hectic, but it’s always worth it to take the time to gather. Organizing a family reunion in a central location that everyone travels to can make the event “official” and enjoyable for all. Nobody has to take the burden of hosting a large group of people... because, let’s face it, more than five guests at your house can be overwhelming, no matter how great they are!

By picking an all-inclusive location with all the details ready, such as outdoor furniture and common areas, you will have the best family reunion yet. So, where can you go to make sure your next family reunion goes off without a hitch? Here are four exciting trip ideas!

1) Go to an All-inclusive Hotel or Resort

Inviting everybody to an all-inclusive resort is the best choice when you want a set-and-forget option. This doesn’t have to be something extravagant like going overseas to a resort in Jamaica, though that sounds like an amazing idea too. You want to respect everybody’s budget and not exclude anybody who might be unable to go because of cost. By picking an all-inclusive hotel that’s centrally located for all families to reach within 2-4 hours of driving (or a nonstop flight), you can make it a fair meetup for all.

This arrangement allows everybody in the family to pick the type of room that he or she needs for a comfortable stay. Families with kids can rent out suites with different rooms, while singles and empty nesters can enjoy simpler arrangements. Having separate rooms at a resort ensures that everybody has a place to relax and rest—which is entirely necessary after a big driving trip. For an extra special touch, rent out one of the conference rooms in the resort with some catering so that your family can have an official spot to gather.

2) Pick Locations with Family-Friendly Amenities

Since your family will include people of all ages, it’s important to make sure that your reunion is considerate of people in all stages of life. To help families with small children, pick a resort with childcare. This gives all parents in the family a chance to enjoy some kid-free time while the kids get to do age-appropriate activities. This amenity is extremely helpful when you want to organize a late-night chat by the hotel bar or a formal dinner. It’s also helpful for parents who want to simply lounge by the pool in their swimsuits for an hour or two in silence.

3) Rent a Large House—with Enough Rooms

If the idea of a hotel doesn’t click with your family, then renting a large Airbnb can be the answer for you. These beautiful rentals are fully furnished and decorated with finishing touches like plants and greenery so that everybody feels at home. To make sure that everybody has a comfortable stay, choose a house with a large common area and enough rooms and beds for all of the family.

Read the fine print and look beyond how many people it “sleeps,” but count the actual rooms and how many beds are in each one. The last thing you want is for some people to be stuck on the couches in the middle of the common area and having to wait until everyone else is asleep to get rest.

Tip: Though rental homes should come with enough bedsheets and bath towels for everyone, it’s a good idea to bring your own just in case they aren’t to your liking. Rentals vary in quality, with some that use professional housekeeping to others that rely on the previous renters to wash linens before they leave. By having your own bedding and towels, you leave nothing to chance and ensure a great time!

4) Reserve a Party Room or Park Pavillion

If your family doesn’t have a lot of time or money for a long reunion weekend, then reserving a room in a restaurant for a meal can be just enough time for everybody to catch up. You can organize this event at a central location that cuts down the driving time for everyone. Private party rooms typically have closed-off entrances that can keep your gathering intimate. If you want to save on costs and make things more convenient for families with small children, it’s also possible to rent an outdoor pavilion at a park. This allows everyone to come and go more casually. It also makes it easy for everybody to contribute a dish when you brand it as a potluck.

When it comes to family reunions, there are so many ways to gather to make the trip enjoyable for everybody. Which family reunion trip would be the most exciting for your loved ones?


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