Everything You Need to Know About Shackets

Everything You Need to Know About Shackets

When you’re looking for an outerwear garment that combines trendy and classic, you don’t have to look any farther than the shacket. It’s part shirt, part jacket and completely stylish. At Lands’ End, we understand the value of garments that are durable and versatile enough for various activities. You can wear a shacket as part of a fun, casual look. Or, you can pair one with a skirt and fashionable accessories for a dressy look. Check out these ideas for wearing shackets and see how you can pick one for the look you want.

Fleece Shackets

A shacket-style women’s fleece jacket is easy to dress up or down. You can choose one comfortable fleece garment and get multiple looks from it. A solid-colored fleece style can be paired with leggings or a skirt in the same color family. Or, you could pair it with skinny jeans and boots for a kicky, casual look. You could even wear it with shorts if you’re somewhere warm and a cold snap suddenly blows in.

Flannel Shackets

Flannel shackets can be lined with sherpa for extra warmth. These outerwear pieces may have features like hoods, pockets, and button or zip-up front closures. The flannel shell creates a durable exterior. If you need a little extra room to move, you can find flannel styles with features like edge vents and a contoured back yoke. Pair plaid flannels with solid-colored pants or leggings that match one of the hues in the plaid flannel. This creates an almost-monochromatic look that’s eye-catching and stylish. Or, pair it with jeans and a t-shirt for a casual effect.

Barn Coats

While barn coats aren’t technically a shacket, these women’s lightweight jackets have a similar shape. That means you can incorporate them into your wardrobe using the same styling techniques. Just like a true shacket, you can pair a barn coat with jeans and sneakers for a fun, casual effect. Or, you can dress it up by adding a colorful scarf and wearing it with a skirt or dressy pants and a turtleneck.

Shackets for Casual Styles

Shackets protect you from the elements while upgrading your most casual styles. It all depends on what you wear with your shacket. These pieces look great whether you’re working outdoors or heading to work at the office. Keep your look casual by choosing an oversized shacket that drapes loosely around your frame. Pair it with your favorite jeans and sneakers. Ankle high boots also look great with shackets when you’re going for a casual look. If your shacket is patterned, like a plaid, steer clear of bright with colors for the rest of your outfit. Let the shacket be the standout part of your look.

Dressy Styles With Shackets

A shacket can be used to add a touch of elegance to your look as easily as it can be used as part of a casual look. Use a solid color cashmere turtleneck and matching slacks as the base of your dressy look. Add a pair of matching boots or dress shoes. Either match the shacket to the other pieces or create a contrast by choosing a completely different shade. Add accessories, like a shawl draped over your shoulders, or a dramatic scarf, snug-fitting gloves, and a great handbag.

Footwear to Wear With Shackets

Like other garments and fashion accessories, footwear can be used to change the overall look of an outfit that’s built around a shacket. A cute pair of sneakers or warm winter boots can add a charming, casual touch to your look. Pair dress shoes or calf-high boots with your shacket-based look to add a touch of elegance. Have fun changing your look by swapping footwear to see what style you like best. No matter what type of footwear you choose, you end up with a stunning look that’s on-point.

Winter Accessories to Pair With Shackets

The winter accessories you choose can have as much impact on your shacket-style as the other pieces you pair with it. Want a dressy look for work or a night on the town? Pair your shacket with earmuffs, a dramatic scarf, and stylish gloves. Going for a casual weekend look? Pair it with a stocking cap and thick, warm mittens. Your options are almost limitless when you start with a trendy shacket and then add pieces to get the stylish, visually appealing look you want.

Keep warm and showcase your personal style with a versatile, cozy shacket. You can create a look that’s cute and edgy or one that’s elegant and dressy when you make shackets part of your wardrobe. Browse through our selection of shackets, lightweight fleece jackets, and our barn coats to create the effect you want for your casual and dressy outfits.

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