Essential Kids’ Jackets for Back to School

Essential Kids’ Jackets for Back to School

It’s that time of year again! The summer is fading fast and back-to-school shopping is here. Chilly weather will be, too, before we know it (at least in Wisconsin). So let's look at essential kids’ jackets for back to school.

Hoodies Are a Hit

If you buy your child one back-to-school jacket this year, make it a kids’ hoodie. Hoodies are warm, comfy, and practical year-round. From the first days of school, when air conditioning may be a bit too much to when the winter chill arrives, hoodies will give them cozy options. Hoodies are fashionable and come in cool colors and designs, too. Isn’t it great when they want to wear something that will keep them warm?

If your child’s age or developmental level makes the hood or string on a hoodie a safety issue, consider a crew neck sweatshirt instead. They are great for layering and can go from school to the playground and back again. They also roll up easily for stashing in backpacks.

Fun Fleece

Fleece is just one of the best inventions ever! It is warm, soft, and breathes. A kids’ fleece jacket will keep them cozy on a chilly morning at the bus stop or recess, be a great layering item indoors, and be a comfy wardrobe staple all week long.

Fleece is also a manmade fabric that washes up easily if stained—real families need this. To give your fleece jackets their longest life, wash them in cold water with a mild detergent and similar fabrics and colors. If you dry your fleece in the dryer, set the temperature to low, and don’t over-dry. The heat and friction of the dryer are what will cause pilling in your fleece.

While you are buying your kids back-to-school fleece, consider fleece jackets for the grown-ups, too. From women’s fleece jackets to men’s fleece jackets to vests, and more, Lands’ End has the fleece to keep you cozy this fall for all of those fall and winter sports—and everything else that makes this time of year so busy.

Always There Raingear

When you are thinking of back-to-school jackets, don’t forget kids’ rain jackets. Chances are they’ll need one, and it’s best to be prepared in advance.

Older kids may prefer an umbrella, but they don’t always work for little ones—umbrellas can be tricky, they aren’t safe for use in a thunderstorm because of the lightning, and they just don’t give you the full coverage that a good rain jacket will. For older kids, consider a matching rain jacket and umbrella combination.

Coziest Coats

Don’t forget that winter is just around the corner, too! If last year’s winter coat no longer fits them or is getting tight, why not go kids’ winter coat shopping while the selection is the best and you aren’t stressed about the weather turning cold right away? Snow pants and snow bibs are a great idea, too (we keep those handy in Wisconsin).

For the ultimate in cozy coats, consider a down coat with a hood. They can always wear a hat or ear warmers underneath the hood for extra warmth, but that continuous fabric is a great advantage if there is a cold wind (or if they forget or lose their hat). Consider a down coat with a waterproof shell for winter sports, playing outside, or just keeping them dry and warm no matter what.

Make sure to do a family inventory of hats, gloves, and mittens at the beginning of the school year, too. Unless everyone has one good pair of gloves or mittens and everyone has a hat, you will need to go winter accessories shopping. A tip that many parents like is to buy two pairs of matching gloves or mittens per child. That way, when they lose one, you can pull out a mate for the one they have left (and have a 50% chance that if they lose the other one you’ll have a back-up).

Best Boots Ever

Keep those little toes warm and dry with kids’ rain boots and snow boots. They may not seem like back-to-school necessities but just think back to how much fun you had splashing in puddles or playing in the snow when you were their age. You’ll want to have a good pair of boots ready to go when they need them.

Kids’ boots have the advantage of being one of the few items that most kids can’t wear out. If you have more than one little one, consider tidying them up at the end of the season and keeping them for their little sibling or a cousin. Gently used kids’ boots are always welcome contributions to local charities, too.

Keep your kids cozy with essential back-to-school jackets!


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