Four Beach Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave the House Without

Four Beach Accessories You Shouldn’t Leave the House Without

Getting ready for the beach is about more than picking out the perfect swimsuit (though that’s a major part of it). Making sure you have all the beach accessories you need to have the best beach day possible is also key.

Everyone’s beach checklist fits their own needs and personality to a certain degree — maybe you’re the type of person who brings three books and six magazines with you, or perhaps you’re a pro at filling up the cooler with fun snacks and beverages for the whole group. While each person’s list may vary, we believe that the following items are absolute essentials for your beach trip — items that will keep you happy and sun-safe no matter what. Here’s our advice on the four beach accessories you shouldn’t leave the house without.

A Top-Tier Towel

A good beach towel is an indispensable accessory for your beach trip, serving multiple purposes all day long. Whether you go for a traditional thick terry cloth towel or a lovely Turkish cotton number, your beach towel serves as your designated lounge area, a space safe from the sand for you to lie out and enjoy the sun, either solo or in the company of others. When you take a dip in the ocean, it’s there for you to dry off and warm up. We like our towels big and treat them almost like big blankets to wrap up in, especially if it gets a little chilly. Take things a step further by personalizing your towel with a monogram to make it your own and ensure that no one confuses theirs with yours.

All Aboard the Beach Blanket

Experienced beach-goers know that while a beach towel is an essential beach accessory, it won’t cut it alone when it comes to lounging in style and comfort. Packing a beach blanket in your beach bag is an absolute must for claiming space in the sand, making sure you and your group have enough real estate and can comfortably enjoy the sun and sea without getting covered in sand or being on top of your neighbors. A beach blanket comes in many shapes and sizes and can essentially be any large piece of fabric that you can lay out on comfortably, from a large bed sheet to a waterproof, reinforced fabric that’s specifically designed to serve this purpose. You’ll find that once you invest in a good beach blanket, you’ll wonder why you never had one in the first place.

Bring a Good Beach Chair

While for some, a beach blanket is all they need to relax and be comfortable at the beach, a beach chair takes things to a whole new level. A good beach chair is a game-changer, giving you a supported place to sit and enjoy your beach snacks, a beverage, or simply take in the gorgeous ocean views. Beach chairs are perfect for bookworms, allowing them to read in an upright position that doesn’t strain their bodies and then serving as the ideal place to close their eyes for a quick beach nap.

Invest in an Umbrella

The beach umbrella can mean the difference between a short beach trip and an all-day affair. After all, lying out in the sun for hours can take its toll, leaving your skin exposed and you exhausted from the heat. A beach umbrella offers a bit of an oasis from the blazing sun, giving beach-goers a place to shelter from its rays while still enjoying all the aspects of the beach.

Cover It Up

A beach umbrella is just one aspect of sun protection that any knowledgeable beach-goer knows to bring along. In addition to the umbrella, it’s important to pack a cover-up for individualized sun protection while you’re at the beach or on your way to and from the shore. You may choose to invest in a UPF rash guard to keep your skin protected with its built-in sun protection that works wonders when paired with a layer of sunscreen. You may also pack a classic sarong, which also helps protect from the elements, including sun, wind, and sand, and can also be styled in many different ways — from a skirt to a dress to a handy shawl or head-wrap. You can even use it as a makeshift beach blanket in a pinch. A cover-up dress is a great choice as well, serving as a sun-safe outfit that you can wear all day long, even after you leave the beach

Don’t forget your sunglasses, sunscreen, and, of course, a few beach games or toys if you’re heading to the beach with children. Packing these beach accessories will ensure that you’re ready to have the best beach day ever. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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