5 Must-Have Back to School Uniforms

5 Must-Have Back to School Uniforms

It’s the busiest time of year for parents and children. As the littles prepare to head back to the classroom, it’s important to take into consideration everything they’re going to need for the even busier months ahead. There’s a lot going on, after all. There are supplies to purchase and sneakers for gym class. In the midst of it all, don’t forget to consider the comfort and style of their school uniforms .

You’ll find many different options available that are perfect for incorporating into their collection of classroom-appropriate attire. Schools often have different dress codes, but most revolve around wearing a specific palette of colors and abiding by certain lengths and materials. Luckily, you can track down exactly what you need for every month of the school year — and not only that, but these pieces are guaranteed to keep kids comfortable throughout the day. Here are five essentials they can’t miss.

Fleece Jackets

Easing into the school year is always just a tiny bit hectic. Some might say it’s a good kind of chaos — there’s the general excitement of switching seasons and gearing up for the holiday months ahead. At the same time, the transition from balmy weather to cool winds and early mornings can be jarring. Make it easier on your little ones by investing in some comfortable kids’ fleece jackets.

Both kids and parents alike will appreciate the sheer convenience of these toppers. They look great with everything, from uniform skirts to pressed pants. They’re easy to pull on and for those extra-busy mornings, and littles will appreciate that they can easily take them off and stash them in their locker or backpack when the jackets aren’t in use. Plus, you’ll find them in all sorts of colors — ensuring that whatever your kid picks, it will fit in nicely with the rest of their uniform.

Gym Gear

Part of the process may involve choosing a PE uniform to keep them comfortable while they’re breaking a sweat in class. You’ll find all kinds of easy and laid-back pieces that are suitable for them to wear during workouts, from lightweight T-shirts that wick moisture from the skin so they stay extra-dry, to cozy sweatpants with drawstrings so they fit like a dream.

Warmer weather calls for lighter pieces, of which you’ll find plenty. Whether your kid needs some good track shorts for their morning meets or some looser-fit sweatpants that offer more air circulation, you can easily find them — in plenty of colors, too. Often, schools base PE uniform colors on the actual uniform’s colors, so you’ll find hues like navy, grey, burgundy, hunter green, black, and other commonly used options in the mix.

Polo Shirts

Does anything say classic quite like a polo shirt? Where kids’ apparel for the classroom is concerned, few are as common as uniform polo shirts. These tops are smart, timeless, and perfect for year-round wear. While you may typically associate the style with the warmer months, it’s actually more than versatile enough to wear even during the cooler fall and winter periods.

Look for distinctive details that set them apart. Long sleeves are appropriate and highly comfortable to wear when it’s cool outside. You can make the switch to the shorter length come spring and ease that style into summer. Colors range from crisp white to black, red, pink, and blue. There are even varying collar styles, which may be appealing to kids who have a little bit of flexibility in their uniforms.


Don’t overlook the importance of a stellar backpack. Stylish options abound in a selection that offers something for children of all ages. At a bare minimum, make sure that it offers plenty of space for all of their essentials. Younger kids don’t need nearly as much room, and the bag should be appropriately sized for them to wear comfortably. As they grow older, they’ll need more bells and whistles to stay organized while on the go.

Fortunately, those bells and whistles are available in abundance. You’ll find all types of options, like exterior water bottle holders, spacious outer pockets to keep smaller items within easy reach, and even laptop sleeves to keep their tech in place when they’re on the move. Plus, these backpack styles are as fashionable as they are functional. Kids will find everything from their favorite colors to bold patterns. What a fun way to shake up their school uniforms — without breaking the rules!


Those children who are required to wear uniform skirts may just have a handful of options to choose from. Often, schools have a simple beige or navy option available to students during the warmer months before switching to a winter uniform during the cooler months. Those skirts may be plaid and constructed of thicker and richer materials like wool.

You’ll find plenty of options to round out her school wardrobe in the mix. There are smart and comfortable pleated styles that resonate perfectly with the classic uniform look, along with more modern smooth-front styles that may be appropriate for your child to wear to school. If you’re in any doubt, you can always consult with school personnel.


Your child’s uniform is something they’ll wear throughout the year — so it’s crucial to make sure that it keeps them comfortable during that time, too. With so many options and styles, not to mention a range of fun accents that they’ll enjoy wearing, you can put together a back-to-school wardrobe they’ll look forward to wearing.


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