5 Ways to Work from the Comfort of Your Home

5 Ways to Work from the Comfort of Your Home

Working from home isn’t always as easy as it sounds. People who are accustomed to it may have a certain set of habits baked into their daily routines. Those who are newer to the practice might need to experiment with different techniques to develop a method and a schedule that works best for them.

There are little steps that work-from-home professionals can take to improve their situations dramatically, however. Some of those may seem small, but they can make an enormous difference to everything from your environment to your comfort levels. The right work from home outfits, for example, can help you feel more polished and in control of the day. Here are five suggestions to help you handle everything in complete comfort.

Embrace the Lounge Life

Since you’re working from home, you don’t need to think about ironing your corporate-friendly knit dresses and making sure there are no creases in your silk blouses and pencil skirts. Those may be prominent parts of your wardrobe in the office, but at home, there’s a distinct difference in what you can get away with wearing.

Think comfort. When you’re at home, you can easily slip into your favorite pair of comfy pants and a comfy t-shirt to channel those casual vibes. You can throw on the sweats that you typically reserve for weekends. You can wear a tunic and leggings, or yoga pants and a tank top. You can even wear workout clothes. Bottom line: If it makes you feel good, you can bet it’s the right choice to see you through your work-from-home day.

Establish a Work Zone

It’s all too easy to become distracted by the outside world when you work from home. Maybe the television has your attention or you can’t stop scrolling through your phone and browsing the day’s headlines. Whatever the distraction, these culprits have a way of robbing you of your comfort and making you feel distinctly unsettled as you fall behind on your work. One way to keep your focus on where it belongs is to create a dedicated workspace that you use strictly for professional purposes.

If you can’t actually devote an entire room to a home office, then set aside at least a desk or a table as your work area when you’re on the clock. Open the window or draw the curtains open so that some natural light fills the space. Keep a glass of water by your side. Keep a cute storage bin or seagrass basket nearby where you can stash paperwork or other miscellaneous items that might come in handy throughout the day. Add a fresh plant to brighten the room and purify the air. Little additions will help you stay alert and comfortable all day long!

Get Dressed Every Morning

It’s possible to be too comfortable, too. Rolling out of bed in your women’s pajamas and getting right to work may sound like something of a dream situation, but it can actually hold you back from reaching your fullest potential. You may not move completely out of relaxed mode when you’re still in your PJs.

If nothing else, the physical act of taking a shower, getting dressed, preparing something to eat, and drinking a cup of tea or coffee or a smoothie or anything that helps you perk up, will help get the blood flowing and prepare you for a busy workday.

Focus on Your Fabrics

No doubt you’ll feel a lot better when you wear something that fits like a dream and feels just as good against your skin as your favorite bed sheets. Choosing the right fabrics can have a huge impact on the quality of your day. You can pretty much omit materials like silk and wool from the lineup. Why worry about creases and itchiness? The best WFH materials are ultra-soft: Supima® cotton and polyester are just two examples that feel buttery, remain fresh through multiple washes, and keep their integrity for years.

Look for pieces you know you’re likely to wear over and over again. Women’s cotton sweatshirts are cozy and plush, and you can usually find a great pair of matching sweatpants to go with them. A hint of spandex in your leggings elevates the stretch factor so that you never have to worry about uncomfortable pants messing with your day. Fleece pullovers promise to keep you toasty during the coolest months of the year. The perfect fabrics have a way of making your entire work-from-home experience feel better.

Never Forget About Fit

What’s the one factor that has the potential to completely threaten your comfort, no matter how soft the fabric or flattering the style? It all comes down to fit. This is key to helping you feel your best in any situation, whether you’re shopping for a winter coat or a pair of jeans. When it comes to your at-home wardrobe, it takes on even greater importance because it involves clothes you’ll wear all day long.

Forgiving cuts that gently skim the body are best. They feel natural, not restrictive, and you’ll never have to worry about issues like materials digging or pinching your skin. Think about what a difference that might make during your next online meeting with the staff or when you’re rushing to meet a deadline. Whether you love lounge dresses or prefer shorts and T-shirts, pin your final decision on how great the clothing feels when you wear it. It’s just one way you can be sure you’ll feel your best throughout the day.


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