4 Ways to Enhance Your Big and Tall Wardrobe Style

4 Ways to Enhance Your Big and Tall Wardrobe Style

It can be a tall order—no pun intended—to find clothes that fit like a dream when you wear special sizing. That’s especially true if you’re a big and tall man. You might find that you settle on clothes just because they happen to fit you or because they’re the only ones available. There’s little to account for your actual sense of style. Your style, however, hasn’t gone missing. It’s just in need of a little attention.

That’s key to remember as you peruse the countless pairs of big and tall jeans, sweaters, shirts, and other wardrobe basics to add to your closet. They’re all essentials, of course, but there are steps you can take to make any outfit more exciting and stylish. Here are a few ideas to enhance your big and tall wardrobe style.

Mix It Up

Sometimes people who wear big and tall attire may shy away from donning anything that’s deemed adventurous or colorful for fear that it will call attention to them. It may also simply be easier to snap up a few basics and put together easy, straightforward outfits in the morning instead of cultivating more adventurous looks for your everyday routine.

The bottom line, though, is that you are never limited to a single look, style, or color. You have every right to shake things up—to be as adventurous as you’d like or to experiment with combinations that may not have crossed your radar in the past. Keep it simple by infusing an ordinary look with a pop of color. In the fall, for example, swap your usual tops for a big and tall flannel shirt featuring a shade you love. Warmer hues like red and navy are always great for the cooler months. During summer, adding a jolt of yellow or blue is an easy way to shift your wardrobe into a more seasonal place.

Make Fit a Priority

A great fit makes all the difference. If your current wardrobe is packed with reliable basics that are more casual than refined, this is a great opportunity for an upgrade. The key is to avoid anything that’s too loose or overly baggy. Wearing more fabric than necessary can have the opposite effect if you’re aiming for a polished look from top to bottom. At the same time, you don’t want to wear anything that doesn’t negotiate your silhouette just right. Clothes that restrict how you move can have a dramatic impact on the quality of your day!

It’s best to stick with clothes that are specific to your measurements. You might want to visit a tailor if you’re shopping for big and tall pants for a special event, like a wedding or another formal affair. Even for an everyday event, like going to work, you’ll feel great knowing that you’re decked out in apparel that fits your frame perfectly.

Aim for Balance

Opt to wear tops that bring a bit of structure to your upper body. Something with a V-neckline, for example, draws the eye upward and even has a slenderizing effect on the body. You can even tuck a big and tall long-sleeve T-shirt into your jeans or pants and add a belt for a more streamlined look from top to bottom. That’s also a smart choice if you’d like to conceal your midsection a bit.

You can also play around with color if your goal is better balance. Wearing a lighter hue will draw the eye to that specific area. So, for example, if you’d prefer to keep the focus on your upper body, wearing a shade like light blue or tan paired with charcoal or dark blue on the bottom helps draw attention precisely where you want it. Once you nail the concept of balancing your outfits, you may find there are far more styling possibilities open to you than you realized.

The Right Fabrics Matter

Even fabric plays a role in how good you feel in your big and tall outfit. Anything that’s too thin will feel clingy and uncomfortable since lighter-weight fabrics tend to sit too close to the skin. By contrast, something that’s too thick can feel heavy and bulky—and may add unwanted volume to your outfit at the same time. You can resolve this by settling for a happy middle ground with a midweight material that allows your skin to breathe. A little stretch is also great for all-day comfort.

Some of the best choices for seasonal wear include cotton, flannel, and denim. A pair of crisp khaki big and tall shorts elevates your warm-weather look. A pair of smart, well-tailored jeans looks fantastic with a longer, leaner coat (for the balance that’s so important!). You’ll appreciate the way any outfit looks when the fabric also feels just right against your skin.

It’s easy to take your big and tall wardrobe in the right direction when you focus on fit, style, and comfort. These are the hallmarks of any well-rounded clothing collection, and you can feel great knowing that they both look and feel fantastic.

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