Best Outfits to Wear to Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Best Outfits to Wear to Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Getting engaged is an exciting life moment. You’re starting your journey with your forever person and it’s a special time to celebrate. Mark the event with engagement photos that you’ll cherish forever. Not to mention, these photos make your wedding website, invites, and even thank-you notes a breeze to create. When it comes to styling your outfit for an engagement photo shoot, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind.

Your Favorite Flowy Dress

The key to a successful engagement photo shoot is to have a balance between clothing you love and fun accents to play with. One easy, breezy way to achieve this is with a flowy dress. If you’re in love with women’s dresses, then strut your stuff with a classic flowy dress. A longer dress with flow catches the breeze and creates an effortless look suited to show off your love. You can twirl and dance to create dramatic photos you’ll cherish for years to come.

Casual and Chic

For a more relaxed vibe, go for a casual look for your engagement photo shoot. Wear clothing that’s comfortable, such as a linen shirt for women with a cozy tank and relaxed-fit jeans. Engagement photos show off your love and relationship, so choose an outfit that has a relaxed feel. Choose colors and styles that make what your partner-to-be is wearing shine, but don’t match. Instead, opt for complementary colors for a shot that says, "we complete each other" rather than "we are the same person" — unless that's your vibe! Also, be sure to keep your shooting location in mind. For example, for cool-weather climates, wear jeans, while a beach photo shoot might dictate a pair of shorts. This helps your photo shoot feel as natural as possible.

Cuddle-Worthy Knits

Get ready to snuggle up and be lovey-dovey for your engagement photo shoot. One way to achieve a snuggly feel is to wear clothing that’s soft, comfortable, and moves with your body. Flannel shirts are certainly a popular option. Or for a fall feel, choose a chunky knit sweater that’s cozy and cool.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Choose a few cute accessories for your engagement photos. Items such as women’s winter scarves, hats, and even a furry friend all make for awesome photographic props. Think about simple things you love and incorporate those into your photo shoot. Be sure to let the photographer know if you’re bringing along your four-legged companions or even kiddos so they can brainstorm fun ways to incorporate your family into your photo shoot. Choose hats and scarves that complement your outfit. Be playful with accessories and use them to bring life to your photo shoot.

Choose Cool Color Palettes

One of the most important parts of curating the perfect outfit for your engagement photos is to choose the right colors. In general, avoid bright and bold colors. These tend to wash out your face and draw too much attention. Instead, opt for pastels, muted tones, neutrals, or natural colors. If you’re headed to a natural location, choose a natural color palette that contrasts against the primary scenery. For example, blues and purples work well in a sea of fall colors, while whites work well at a waterfront locale.

What Makes You Feel Like You

Lastly, choose an outfit that reflects you. You’ll model better with an outfit that feels comfortable and lets you be your most authentic self. Choose classic styles that you absolutely love instead of going for a new type of look. You don’t need to purchase an entirely new outfit, but it is nice to have one or two newer pieces of clothing to get you excited about your photo shoot. However, it never hurts to mix these new additions to your wardrobe with your tried and true favorites. The result is a new take on a classically you look that will photograph naturally and beautifully.

Try on Multiple Outfits

If you’re nervous about being photographed professionally (and who isn’t?), try on several different outfits. Walk around naturally and play some upbeat music. Sit, stand, and walk in your outfit. Are you able to move freely? Do you feel comfortable? If you find yourself tugging or pulling at clothing constantly, choose a new look. You want to ensure you can feel most like yourself and the most comfortable for the best results.

Being engaged is such an exciting time. You’re preparing to spend the rest of your days with your person. Mark the event with a beautiful engagement photo shoot that shows off your uniqueness as a couple. Choose an outfit that best suits your personal style and select a few handy accessories and a color palette that photographs easily. As a result, you’ll look and feel natural and your photos will let your love shine through.


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