Elegant Outfit Ideas for Plus-Size Women at a Quinceañera

Elegant Outfit Ideas for Plus-Size Women at a Quinceañera

Are you going to a quinceañera? How wonderful! Let’s look at elegant plus-size outfit ideas to help you look and feel great as you dance the night away.

Comely Colors

One of the first things you will want to do when looking for elegant plus-size dresses to wear to the quinceañera is to determine which colors may be off-limits. The birthday girl will typically wear a white formal gown, often with a tiara. You don’t want to upstage her by also wearing white or anything that would detract from her well-deserved attention. Likewise, most of the time, a quinceañera will have theme colors that only the family or the court will wear. When in doubt, ask the mother or father of the quinceañera what colors would be appropriate. They will want to make you feel comfortable as their guest and will want the celebration to go smoothly, so they are sure to help you out with a bit of advice.

If the quinceañera has a theme — for example, fairytales — see if you can choose a color for your plus size dress that will coordinate with the theme while staying clear of any colors that are designated just for the family. Quinceañera themes are often whimsical, and pastels can be fun. This can be a way to participate even more fully in the festivities.

Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses are a great option for a quinceañera as they are semi-formal. Think about what silhouette you are most comfortable wearing. If your body is an inverted triangle shape (sometimes known as apple-shaped), a wrap dress could be lovely. If you are more of a triangle shape (sometimes known as a pear shape), perhaps a plus size fit and flare dress would be just the ticket. As a rule, you will want to stick with semi-formal or formal wear for the quinceañera, although if the celebration is at the family’s home, it is likely to be a bit more casual than if it is held at another venue.

Most cocktail dresses are knee-length or a bit longer. This can be a nice length for visiting and dancing because you can easily move yet have the level of coverage that you prefer. If you choose a cocktail dress with a kick pleat in the back, be sure you will be comfortable with how it will look if you bend over to pick something up or decide to try a fun new dance step on the dance floor. Your clothes should move with you, make you feel confident, and help you look and feel great!

Little Black Dresses

If you have a little black dress in your closet (or would like to!) this can be a great option to wear to a quinceañera. A plus size black dress has the advantages of being versatile enough to be worn to the quinceañera and also many other events down the road. You can also dress a black dress up or down with the type of shoes, the purse, and the jewelry you wear.

Keep in mind that a quinceañera is most likely a conservative party from a fashion standpoint. There can sometimes be a religious aspect, and there are likely to be at least three generations of family members present. A quinceañera is a bit like a wedding in this way. When choosing how much coverage your outfit should have or what type of jewelry to wear, think about what would be appropriate for a wedding where you are likely to meet the bride or the groom’s grandmother.

Floor Length Dresses

Floor-length semi-formal or formal dresses are a mainstay of many a quinceañera. It’s a great opportunity to dress up, so if you like plus size maxi dresses, go for it! Just be sure that your maxi dress fits the formality of the event. Some maxi dresses are more like casual sundresses.

In addition to your favorite retailers, for a more formal quinceañera, consider shopping at a wedding shop (or a consignment shop that sells gently used bridesmaid dresses or other formal outfits). Wearing a floor-length dress can make you feel fabulous!

Don’t Forget the Dancing Shoes!

A quinceañera will include dancing, so whether you prefer women’s flats or heels, be sure to wear comfy shoes that will allow you to get out on the floor and move. Every woman needs a great pair of black heels. Whether you choose a matte finish, patent leather, or something with sparkles, consider black for your shoes. If you do, you’re bound to get more wear out of them in the years to come.

Take a little time to find an elegant plus-size outfit that matches your style for the quinceañera. Have a wonderful time celebrating!


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