8 Ways To Make a Dog’s Day

8 Ways To Make a Dog’s Day

There’s no doubt about it — dogs are a man or woman’s best friend. Show your furry friend some extra love and appreciation with these fun ways to make a dog’s day.

Give Your Dog Some Extra Playtime

Your pets don’t care about the cost; the best gift you can give them is often your time. Even though you may regularly make time for your dog, chances are Fido or Francine would love some extra time and attention. Take some time out to play some of your dog’s favorite games, whether it’s wrestling, playing fetch, tossing rope toys around, or some other form of doggy playtime. Make it extra special by taking some pictures of the two of you having fun together.

Go for an Impromptu Walk or Run

If you have regularly scheduled times that you take your dog for a walk, run, or jog each day, he or she may appreciate changing up the routine a little bit. Let’s face it; dogs can get bored with routines too. Spice it up by going for a walk or jog at a different time of day than you usually do, or even work an extra walk into your routine one day. Both you and your pup will benefit from the extra exercise while having fun and spending time together as well.

Visit a New Dog Park

If you’re a regular visitor to your local dog park, why not switch things up and try a fresh new locale? Some new furry faces will bring joy to your dog and help him or her make some new friends. A different area to sniff, new sights to see, and new doggy play equipment or obstacle courses will have your best friend in doggy heaven for an afternoon. You may even meet some new friends yourself! Have a full day or weekend free? Plan a dog park tour and look for all the local dog parks you’ve never visited to make things interesting.

Make Your Dog Some (Healthy) Homemade Treats

Dogs love treats; there’s no question about that! What they don’t know, however, is exactly what’s good for them. You can do your pup a favor and still make his or her day by creating some healthy but delicious homemade dog treats. Go online or look at videos for simple recipes you can make with basic healthy ingredients for dogs.

Many homemade dog treats, cookies, and biscuits call for items you’re likely to already have on hand in your pantries, such as pumpkin puree, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, sweet potato, eggs, carrots, and honey. You can even find great recipes for frozen dog treats your pet will love in the summertime! If you’re short on time, just give your buddy some extra fruits or veggies for a treat. If you haven’t tried any yet, you might be surprised at the variety of healthy fruits and veggies your dog will love. Just remember to talk to your vet first and make sure whatever you're offering is acceptable for your dog since there are several items dogs should not have that could be toxic, such as grapes, cherries, and tomatoes.

Surprise Your Dog With a New Toy

Every dog cherishes playtime, so what better treat to give your pet than a brand-new toy? Choose sturdy, fun options appropriate for your dog’s size. While it’s great to get old standbys, like ball- and rope-based toys, you may want to also consider some fresh, interactive options to get your pet engaged too, such as a pet teepee or light-up toy.

Help Your Dog Get Comfy and Cozy

Another way you can make your dog’s day is by helping him or her get comfy and cozy. Has his or her bed seen better days? Pick up a soft new dog bed to enjoy. Does he or she get a chill on your evening walks? New dog hoodies, sweaters, or winter jackets for dogs could be just the thing. Have a small dog that likes to get cozy in a bag in your arms? Get a new doggy carryall to make your puppy’s day.

Sweeten Up Your Dogs Day With Plenty of Snuggles

Ready to really show your dog some love? You’ll definitely brighten up your pup’s day by providing him or her with some extra love and snuggles. Get in your comfy clothes and invite your dog to come up on the couch with you and snuggle while watching a (preferable dog-themed) movie or show, or get in your comfy pajamas and curl up together on your bed for a nap. Grab some throw pillows and get your snuggle on at the floor level, or lounge in your favorite recliner together. No matter where you go, those extra snuggles are sure to make your dog’s day in a big way.

Spread Love to Other Dogs

There are always more dogs to love. Share your animal love by getting some treats or toys for a friend’s dog or visiting a shelter and spending some playtime with those furry sweeties. Volunteer to take dogs on walks or consider offering to become a dog foster parent to help overcrowded shelters. Advocate spaying and neutering to friends and families to help make sure all dogs have loving families, and shelters don’t become overrun.

Make a Dog’s Day Anytime, Anywhere

Dogs are always there for you. They show you unconditional love and always have a listening ear. Repay your best dog friend or any dog by showing him or her some extra love. Make a dog’s day with some extra time, attention, and a toy or treat to make your pup feel extra special!


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