8 Options for Keeping Your Hands Warm This Winter

8 Options for Keeping Your Hands Warm This Winter

You could get all bundled up in a big winter coat, a cozy winter hat, winter snow boots, and a scarf, but if you don’t have a pair of gloves to keep your hands from freezing, you’re not going to be very happy. That’s why finding the right pair of gloves or mittens for you is so important. And who’s to say you can only have one pair? Why not enjoy a few this season? Here are eight ideas to get you started.

Squall Gloves

These heavy-duty winter gloves are what you want to be wearing when you’re out in the snow for any extended period of time. They’re waterproof, so you can safely wear them while making a snowman or throwing snowballs with the kids. They are the gloves you want to have with you when you are going sledding, skiing, snowmobiling, or enjoying any other winter sport. You can get them in any basic color, including blue, black, or grey, and pair them with an equally heavy-duty winter coat.

Print Fleece Gloves

Keep your hands warm and stylish this winter season by donning a pair of print fleece gloves. Something like a black and white houndstooth print fleece glove will go beautifully with a black or white long down coat. During the holiday season, try a black glove with white snowflake prints!

Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

Every woman should spoil herself by investing in a pair of authentic leather gloves, especially if the interior is lined with soft cashmere material. A leather glove is what you want to be wearing on your hands when you are draped in a long women's wool coat and heading off to a ritzy event. It’s so effortlessly sophisticated and timeless, both in a brown and black color. Although those are the classics, there are other colors you can experiment with, including navy, plum, teal, and even rich red. For something that incorporates both the conventional black or brown with a hint of color, invest in a pair of leather gloves that come with colorful stitching.

Super Soft Fleece Mittens

There are gloves and then there are mittens, and you should have both—especially when those mittens come in super cute winter designs. What will brighten your mood better than a pair of blue mittens with light blue snowflakes? Mittens are essentially cozy sleeping bags for your hands. Plan to wear them when you won’t need to use your hands for much or when you’re in the car and the heat hasn’t kicked in yet.

Knit Winter Mittens

If fleece mittens aren’t your material of choice, you may like a good knit mitten instead. Although the soft interior of the mittens will keep your hands nice and toasty for hours, the real MVP of these mittens is the intricate snowflake design that comes in a red, teal, or black color.

Expedition Winter Mittens

These are serious mittens. Like squall gloves, the expedition winter mittens are waterproof, and they are what you’ll want to have on hand (literally) when it’s freezing outside and you’ll be surrounded by snow. The interior lining of these mittens is microfleece, and the insulation and drawcord at the wrist protect your hands from any wetness from the snow. Don't forget the most important feature: the thumb and forefinger areas come with touchscreen features, so you can still use your smartphone without having to take off your mittens.

EZ Touch Screen Gloves

Who wants to wear gloves if you can’t use your phone while you’re wearing them? That’s what we thought. No one. In today’s day and age, a smartphone has practically become an extra limb, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone walking around without their smartphone in hand. Everything must accommodate this now—even your gloves. If you are heading out into the blustery cold of winter but know you will be using your phone a lot, you are going to want to invest in EZ Touch Screen gloves. The fingertips are designed with a material that lets you easily use a touchscreen without ever having to take off your gloves. The cuff is ribbed to keep the cold out, and the material is 75% wool with 25% nylon for a great fit.

Don’t Forget the Guys

Men need gloves, too, and fortunately, there is a wide variety for them to choose from. Just like women’s gloves, men’s glove options include cashmere-lined leather gloves, waterproof squall gloves, and casual knit gloves. If you are stumped on holiday gift ideas for the man in your life, why not surprise him with a brand new pair of men’s leather gloves? It’s luxury and functionality all in one.


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