Easy DIY Decor for Your Home

5 Adorable DIY Decor Ideas for Your Home

The next time you want to add new decor to your space, instead of heading out to your nearby home goods store, take a crack at creating your own DIY home decor. Many easy DIY decor projects take just a few hours—and even minutes—and only a few supplies. In most cases, it’s cheaper to do your own decor DIY projects, which gives you more money for fun items like those new women’s dresses or that new barn coat you’ve been eyeing.

The next time you’re feeling creative and ready to spruce up your home, keep our easy DIY decor ideas in mind. Here are some cute DIY decor ideas.

Arrange Dried Plants and Flowers

Floral arrangements aren’t just for just-bloomed flowers. Instead, dried floral arrangements can be created and used as statement home decor all throughout the year. When cared for properly, dried flowers can last for up to a year and add a touch of vintage whimsy to your space. To do this DIY project, all you need are some dried flowers and plants, which can be purchased from craft stores or garden centers, and a vase to put them in. When starting your DIY project, keep your color scheme in mind. If you’re going for an arrangement of dried greenery, go with a vase in a muted color like cream. If you’re drying a bouquet from a special event, use a tall glass vase to really show them off.

Your dried floral arrangement will look great in any room, whether placed in the entryway hallway by your catch-all seagrass baskets or in the middle of the dining room table.

Add Some Wallpaper to Your Space

One of the biggest home trends of late is stick-on wallpaper, a surprisingly easy DIY home project that adds some serious personality to your home. First, pick the room you want to wallpaper (we recommend a small room or just one wall of a big room) and then decide on the print you want. Home decor stores have all kinds of wallpaper prints. Examples include floral, polka dots, geometric shapes, and nature designs. Once you have your wallpaper, you’re all set to liven up your space with this easy press-on decor. You’ll want to wear some comfortable pants to make sure you can easily maneuver throughout the room. Try a pair of women’s yoga pants or a pair of women’s joggers for your home improvement project.

Make a Blanket Ladder

This one’s easy. All you need is a good-looking wooden ladder and some cute throw blankets. A blanket ladder is exactly what it sounds like: a ladder that you hang your blankets from. It’s a modern farmhouse-inspired decor item that will keep your throws organized while also showing them off.

For this project, just prop the ladder up against one of your living room walls and hang your prettiest throws from the steps. If you’re feeling especially inspired, you can even choose to paint your ladder to better match your living room.

Paint Your Front Door

For a quick change-up, repaint your front door. You’ll be surprised how different your home can look just by switching the color of the door. For a welcoming and fun vibe, go for a bright color like red or light blue. For something classic and understated, try cream or gray.

Sew Some Placemats

Your precious wood table deserves to be protected from spills and scratches. Placemats are an effective way to protect your table while also adding some fun decor to your dining space. Make yourself placemats to use at your dining table—you just need to sew your choice of fabric together and create a rectangular-shaped mat.

When creating your own placemats, you can choose from the many different fabrics available at your local craft store. From there, bring the fabric home and get to sewing. You can create placemats of different sizes, placemats in different fabrics, and, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, you can even make a tablecloth.

Your forks and plates are about to look a whole lot better on your dining room table — and the wood will be protected from any messy littles.

The next time you’re feeling sick of your home decor, try one of these simple DIY projects to turn your space into a place you actively want to spend time in. With focus, time, and inspiration, you’ll be on your way to creating your dream home.


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