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How to Make Your Home Stylish When You Aren't a Decorator

Do you struggle with ideas for how to decorate your home? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. You don’t need to have an interior design degree to effectively beautify your home. A few quick key home-decor styling tips will have you creating the mood you want within your home. With these home decor tips, you’ll have the beautiful home you’ve always dreamed of, even if you aren’t a decorator.

Complementary Colors

One way to easily add intrigue and interest to your home’s interior is to keep the color wheel in mind. Choose complementary colors. Typically you’ll want one warm color (think reds and yellows), one neutral color (tan, white, or grays), and one cool color (blues and greens). These colors don’t need to be in equal parts. It’s fine to have a predominantly cool-colored room with one or two warm elements. Use colors opposite on the color wheel to create complementary looks. Google is a great resource when it comes to choosing color themes. Simply search for “room color theme ideas” and you’ll get an entire array of different color schemes to follow.

Add a Pop of Color

Effective home decor always has an element of surprise. For example, use bright blue throw blankets to add a cool touch to a yellow-painted room. Having throw pillows is an excellent, cost-effective way to add a pop of color to a room.

These elements draw the eye in and invite you into the room. You don’t need to break the bank here. Think about simple ways to enhance the colors in the room. Avoid clashing and instead, choose a color that fits the theme, but pops out just slightly. Combine bold prints with a muted room, or add a splash of bright color to a modern-chic neutral-colored living area.

Light it Up

Lighting does a lot to affect interior design. Nothing says drab like a poorly lit room. Add different types of lighting to a space depending on use. Use LEDs to bring a brighter vibe. Yellow-tinted bulbs add warmth and are a great choice for task lighting, such as a reading light. Choose lighting fixtures that match the overall mood of a room. Don’t forget to include specific lighting elements, such as an attractive fixture over a dining room table or a reading light next to your favorite couch.

Follow the Calendar

Nothing is simpler than decorating for the seasons. Swap out household staples such as duvet covers, bedding, bath towels, and other staples to match the season. Spring rings in pastels and flowery prints. For summer, go for bright yellows and blues. Fall is perfect for muted warm colors, while winter is perfect for blues, dark greens, and sparkly whites. This simple switch quickly spruces up your home decor and will have you feeling festive no matter what the season.

Go Neutral

Natural colors such as grays, whites, and tans, create the perfect baseline to add and subtract home decor throughout the year. Natural tones tend to go with anything, no matter the season. This makes home decor throughout the year a breeze since you’ll never risk clashing. Natural tones are another great option, especially if you love bringing a little nature into your home. Muted colors can also provide a great backdrop for that pop of color or seasonal home decor change. Select neutral colors for furniture, since this isn’t likely to change throughout the year.

Clean up Clutter

Nothing detracts from your home-decor efforts more than clutter. In tight spaces, it can be difficult to not have a cluttered living space. Snag some home organization elements that create a soft look such as seagrass baskets and other types of storage bins. Keep kids' toys, clothing, and other miscellaneous home items in them. Decluttering your house brings your home decor elements to life. It also creates a bigger sense of space within a room delivering an instant sense of calm.

Select a Mood

The key to excellent home decor is having a theme. Think about what you like in a space. Do you appreciate a minimalist look or do you like to have items of intrigue? Do you have a particular hobby that can be celebrated in a certain room? How much wall space do you have? Think about what type of style you like. For example, if you enjoy travel, a bohemian look might work best for you. If you’re into technology, then a sleek, modern look might suit your style. For kids, celebrate what makes them feel happy. Choose kids' bedding that features their favorite sport, animal, or color. The best home decor reflects the personalities in the space. Choose a theme that speaks to you.

When it comes to home decor, you don’t need to overthink it. Instead, select a few key elements to focus on. Put away items with a comprehensive home organization scheme so your interior design elements shine through. Don’t forget, it’s all about your personality in the end, so choose colors and themes that best suit you and your family.


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