Dressing Up Fleece: How to Wear Fleece Blazers and Jackets for a Classic Look

Dressing Up Fleece: How to Wear Fleece Blazers and Jackets for a Classic Look

There's so much to love about fleece. The material is oh-so-comfy, warm, lightweight, and breathable, making it perfect for various occasions, from outdoor adventures to staying cozy inside. Plus, we've got ideas on how to dress it up so you can wear it for special events.

Fleece jackets and blazers can be multipurpose and a great way to stay warm while looking good. We'll take a look at the womens fleece jacket and blazers, with a close eye on how to dress it up for special occasions. From accessorizing to layering tactics, we've got insider tricks and tips for how to look put together without sacrificing warmth.

The Fleece Blazer

The fleece blazer is a revolutionary piece that will step-up your dress-up game by offering the classy, stylized look you seek without giving up an ounce of the comfort a fleece jacket provides. The two pieces differ a bit, with the fleece jacket usually offering a front-facing full-length or quarter zipper, while the blazer offers a buttoned style.

The fleece blazer provides a fitted look, button-up detail, flat pockets, and a tapered collar. As with all our fleeces, it's anti-pill and antistatic. It also offers a refined visual texture while giving the same warmth and soft feeling as our classic fleece jackets. The jacket or the blazer can be dressed up, with the blazer slightly more accessible to style up.

A blazer provides the look of being detail-oriented and a little preppy for that business meeting or job interview where you want to dress to impress.

Casual Professional

The blazer is a trendy look paired with a white turtleneck and skinny jeans. The fleece blazer is perfect for dressing professionally with a casual touch at property showings, parent-teacher meetings, and many other occasions. The blazer's princess seams are a fitted style that provides a beautiful silhouette that pairs nicely with the flattering fit of the skinny jean.


The best way to dress up a fleece is with the other pieces you pair it with. For example, sweatshirts for women under your fleece with the hood popping out, while cute and appropriate for watching your son's high school football game in the fall, will dress down the fleece. We recommend high-quality womens sweaters underneath if you need an extra layer of warmth to your fleece look without dressing yourself down.

With a fleece, pairing it with stunning earrings and a necklace will dress up the look, giving the perfect accent. Yet another understated accessory that can take any 'fit to the next level is dress scarves, which can provide that pop of color and detailing that you're looking for.


The classic pair is fleece and flannel, and they will keep you ultra-comfy and warm all day long. A Flannel shirt underneath your fleece with the collar over the fleece collar and cuffs visible gives an organically classic look.

Pair with your favorite slim-fit pant. Either chinos or corduroy pants are a great way to add dimension to your outfit.

Another layering trick is to pair your fleece with a striped chunky knit sweater. The stripes add a layer of interest and classy quality that will allow you to stay warm while keeping dressed up.


A fleece jacket or blazer is a super cute look brought to the next level with this next outfit idea. This look is all about the ankle boots you pair with your fleece.

Picking out the right pair of boots comes down to your comfort and whether you desire height with a slight kitty heel, which can lengthen your legs. If tucking in your shirt, add a belt that matches your boots for a put-together fit.

In this outfit idea, we're excited to pair a fleece with a cream turtleneck long-sleeve that will provide elegance and lengthen your neck. A gold chain necklace over the turtle neck will stand out and provide a classic look - remember the earrings to match.

Fleece Vest

Another classic look is a womens fleece vest. Get the fiber's warmth on your core, but have freedom of movement and flexibility. Layer a fleece vest with a flannel or a nice sweater underneath. This way, you'll be cozy to your core but not too hot if transitioning from inside to outside throughout your day.

The key to staying warm is keeping the core cozy, where we store the heat distributed to the arms and legs. If you're concerned about getting cold, winter hats protect the head, another body region where heat tends to escape.

Fleece is a staple of fall, winter, and spring wardrobes. It keeps us warm, wicks away moisture, and provides lightweight comfort all day. And now, you'll be able to wear it for special occasions when you need to stay warm. It will be easy to stay cozy and stylish with these examples of how to dress up fleece.


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