Dresses for Summer Events and Occasions

Dresses for Summer Events & Occasions

From weddings and work events to barbeques and pool parties, casual friend dates, and romantic dinner dates, summer is chock full of events and fun in the sun. From casual to formal, we have broken down for you the best summer dresses for each of these summer events and occasions. From the most modest dresses to the sultriest in satin, here is every dress you will need this summer.

Professional Summer Events

From more formal networking events to your more casual annual summer barbeques, you always want to be sure you are dressed appropriately for these work-related events. In the heat of the summer, that means dancing the line between professional attire and summer wear. You want to avoid being either overdressed or over-heated. Luckily, there are a few excellent options for these occasions.

Even if the event itself is more of a casual work gathering, you still want to maintain a clean, professional, and office-appropriate appearance. A shift dress is a perfect option for most summer work events. A good shift dress that has simple, clean lines and a modest cut coupled with the classic, effortlessly chic vibe allows you to show up and look simultaneously professional and summer-ready.

For slightly more formal work events, we recommend a belted midi dress. Maintain your professional office-attire vibe while also leaving your arms and legs breezy and free.

Formal Summer Events

You can always lean on your standby wardrobe staple, the Little Black Dress, for most formal occasions, especially if it is summertime and you live in a very warm climate; however, don’t be afraid to go full-length depending on how formal the event is.

For a formal event in the summertime, we recommend a chiffon gown. Chiffon is a very fine and lightweight fabric, making it perfect for balmy and still summer evenings. It can be constructed from silk, cotton, rayon, or other synthetic fibers and can wrinkle easily, but you can mostly count on the humidity of summer to keep your dress smooth.

Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are extremely popular in the summer. However, these big beautiful events can sometimes leave us stumped about what to wear. Where do you draw the line between what is wedding appropriate and what is comfortable to wear outdoors in the summer? Luckily we have that answer. Enter the maxi dress.

A full-length maxi dress paired with some strappy sandals and perhaps a silky shawl is the ultimate summer outdoor wedding outfit. Keep cool and look classy by choosing a plain, light-colored (but not white!) maxi dress made from a breezy lightweight fabric.

Summer Weekend Brunch

Summer is a wonderful time for getting together to enjoy the warm weather at your favorite outdoor cafe with your girlfriends and gal pals for coffees, mimosas, and pancakes. Brunch attire is all about honing in on that dressy-casual vibe. You want an outfit that will have you feeling comfortable and breezy while also looking classy and cool.

For a summer brunch date, pair a flirty semi-formal cocktail dress with a pair of casual street sneakers to really zero in on this look that's situated between dressy and casual.

Summer Date Night

Dress to impress your date this summer by choosing a silky, satiny full-length maxi dress. Whether you are headed to an outdoor nighttime event such as a concert in the park or an upscale romantic dinner for two, this style dress is our summer date night pick this year. A silky, satiny fabric will hang in all the right ways, creating an effortlessly sophisticated and sultry vibe.

Dress this look up with heels and a shawl, or dress it down with sandals and your favorite cardigan sweater.

Community Events at the Park

Whether you are volunteering for a summer drive or bake sale, or attending a local festival, summer is the season for outdoor community events. For spending all day outside at the park, we recommend a cool and comfy but modest and modish jersey dress.

Wear this dress with some walkable sandals or sneakers and a large wide-brim hat to pull your summer day at the park-look together and also to keep the harsh sun off of your face and shoulders all day.

Summer Backyard Barbeques and Pool Parties

For your neighborhood barbeque or your best friend's pool party, we recommend an ultra-casual beach cover-up. Many beach cover-ups can easily pull double-duty as a chic dress for post-pool times. Plus, the lightweight, breezy nature of these dresses makes them ideal for spending the day cooking and hanging out in the warm summer sun.

In short, a dress is the perfect one-piece outfit to simplify your summer, no matter where you are headed.


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