Dress Up with Pantone's Color of the Year: Very Peri

Dress Up with Pantone's Color of the Year: Very Peri

As we enter 2022, Pantone has designated the Color of the Year to represent and embrace everything the next 365 days have in store for us. It’s a periwinkle shade to symbolize our uncertain and cautiously optimistic future. Well, that’s all very interesting, but how can you actually incorporate this Very Peri into your every routine? Simple: we have all the tips on how to style your wardrobe with this trendy 2022 violet-blue shade.

Things Are Looking Up with Down Coats

This winter, you’ll be adding joy to the dreary winter landscape with a down coat in a Very Peri hue. Opt for down coats with a warm temperature rating so you’ll be prepared in both your mind and body for whatever the weather, or life, has in store for you. You’ll want a down jacket that will retain its warmth even when it starts snowing or hailing. You don’t want to get stuck in a jacket that feels like you’re wearing a wet mop, especially when it’s below freezing outside. The weather may be frightful, but you’ll look like a magical dream in this purple shade.

Fit Your Life Into a Packable Jacket

Have fun with your wardrobe, and see how you can incorporate play and practicality into one with a Very Peri packable jacket. Besides being warm without the weight, a packable jacket can fold into its own pocket. It’s your perfect companion for road trips, flights, or whenever you need to head out the door without wearing a bunch of different layers and feeling weighed down. Choose a jacket that is designed with flattering lines to enhance your natural shape. A light, packable jacket will keep you warm and insulated all year long, so it’s truly a year-round wardrobe must-have–now in your new favorite purple hue.

Always Timeless, Ever Classic Crewnecks

Crewnecks have come a long way since you’ve worn them in middle school. If you want to give your 8th-grade crewneck an upgrade, wear a Supima® cotton crewneck. This isn’t just any old cotton crewneck. A Supima® cotton crewneck is one that’s made from the top 3% of all cotton grown in the country. Because the cotton fibers are extra long, they’re smoother than ever to the touch. These fibers will also take dye better and last longer, even after every machine wash, which means that your Very Peri vibrant crewneck stays a rich purple every time.

Not-so-Cautiously Chic Turtlenecks

The turtleneck is a wardrobe staple for a reason. It’s effortlessly chic and has just the right amount of allure, a certain style that throws caution to the wind while keeping you warm when it’s windy. A lightweight turtleneck is ideal for wearing through all the seasons. It’s light enough for spring and summer yet has enough coverage for the fall and winter months as well. You’ll look simply royal in a Very Peri cashmere turtleneck with dark wash jeans.

Put on a Smile and Your Pull-on Pants

If you need pants that are easy to slip onto yet dressy enough for work, you’re going to want a pair of pull-on pants. They’re like a grown-up version of leggings. Go for pull-on pants that are a cotton-blend, such as cotton and spandex. The cotton fabric is breathable, while the spandex offers just the right amount of stretch. If you get pull-on pants in a pretty Very Peri color, you’ll turn heads, and no one has to know how comfortable you are. Love these pull-on pants? Don’t forget to look at all of our comfy pull-on jeans.

Loungey and Lovely Leggings

We don’t care if you’re wearing Very Peri leggings to your gym or your living room couch. You’re going to be working out or lounging pretty in a beautiful pair of leggings. A full elastic waist will give you the breathing room you need without it digging into your hips or stomach. The best kinds of leggings are the ones with handy side pockets you can use. We promise to save you a few pairs.

Hopeful Hoodies

Sometimes you just need to throw on a hoodie, and we’re totally here for it. A two-button collar on your Very Peri hoodie adds both style and comfort. A ribbed hood detailing provides structure as you keep your ears covered from the elements. Enjoy other little details like ribbed cuffs and a bottom band to keep things where you want them to stay.

Self-Care Sleep Pants

Don’t just get any old pair of sleep pants. Get yourself jogger sleep pants that you can are comfy enough to go to sleep in while maintaining that athleisure look. You’ll love the Very Peri calming color to lull you to sleep. The waffle-effect fabric adds a fun yet calming texture to your bedtime routine. If you love these waffle joggers, be sure to check out all of our women’s pajama pants.

With all of these ideas in mind to dress up in the hot new Very Peri color for 2022, we hope you enter the New Year in confidence and style. And, of course, we should mention the cozy comfort from Lands’ End you’ve come to know and love.


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