6 Dress Styles That Never Go Out of Style

6 Dress Styles That Never Go Out of Style

When it comes to the wonderful world of women’s dresses, there are some classic styles are always handy to have on hand. For those warm summer nights to the boardroom, you’ll always be able to find an on-trend dress style. These classic dress types bring out your best-dressed self and have you looking flawlessly fabulous no matter the occasion.

The Maxi

Tall maxi dresses have always been a staple item in any wardrobe. These long, flowy dresses typically fit with an empire waist to elongate your legs. Lighter, flowy fabrics are absolutely perfect for the summer months. The breeze flows through while you stay covered. There are countless different top styles for maxi dresses, from spaghetti straps to full-length sleeves. Style your maxi with a wedge heel or light sandal to complete the look. There are so many different colors and styles of maxi dress to choose from; you’ll want at least one (or three—we don’t judge) in your wardrobe.

Your Favorite Sundress

Cotton dresses are a summer staple. When the sun is blazing, you want to have a dress that keeps you cool. Sundresses have been around for decades because they are designed to let you indulge on a sunny day. A sundress is typically shorter—knee-length or above—but comes in a variety of silhouettes, from flowing skirts and tighter tops to an overall looser fit. The big differentiator of a sundress is the fabric. They are designed to be lightweight and let air flow through them to keep you cool. You won’t find stuffy wools or other sweaty synthetics with a sundress. These all-natural fabrics are typically made of cotton or linens, so you stay comfy in the heat of the day.

Fit-and-Flare Midi Dresses

The midi dress is a long-time classic. Think styles of the ’50s or even the pencil looks of the ’90s. Either way, midis create a classic look that’s suitable for any occasion. The fit-and-flare style, in particular, is an absolute classic that gives off a cute vibe everyone loves. Fitted tops with a flared skirt that goes down to the knee or lower are a perfect combination. Florals, solid colors, and even geometric prints are what make this signature dress so great. It’s all about looking done up without going overboard. Wear with your hair up or down, and put on a pair of patent pumps to complete this must-have look.

Must-Have Little Black Dress

Okay, so practically everyone knows about the little black dress or LBD. Chances are you had several black dresses over the years. The cut, shape, or style doesn’t matter—it really only needs to be all (or mostly) black. What makes the little black dress such an icon is that it goes with virtually everything. Wear whatever footwear or jewelry you like. Dress it up to go out or keep it casual for a relaxing day at the house. You don’t need to make much of a statement when you’re wearing an LBD. The point is to simply feel comfortable in whatever style you choose. As the ultimate dress, you’ll want to have a few black dresses you can wear for various occasions.

Cocktail Dresses You Love

For fancier occasions, it’s always good to have a couple of cocktail dresses in your wardrobe. Perfect for weddings, happy hour, or other special occasions, the cocktail dress is a catch-all dress for any formal occasion. Choose a length and style that best suits your personality. For longevity, go with a solid color that always makes you look and feel your best. Or, if you prefer to be a trend-setter, pick up a cocktail dress that fits the season, so you’re always prepared for the next hot event. The sky is the limit with a cocktail dress. Typically, these dresses are calf length or higher, depending on your personal preference. But the rest is all up to you! Explore with different cuts and designs to suit any mood you may have.

The Sweater Dress

Who says you can’t wear dresses in winter? When you put on a sweater dress, you’ll not only have the freedom to move however you please, but you’ll also stay warm. Luxe sweater materials such as warm wool and soft cashmere make for excellent winter dresses. Keep those gams warm with a pair of fleece-lined leggings. Grab a chunky sweater dress, or opt for thinner fabrics if you run warm.

This list of the best dresses for any occasion gives you everything you need to have a stacked wardrobe this year. So pick up a sundress and refresh that little black dress collecting dust in your wardrobe. Or go for an all-out maxi look everyone loves. No matter which dresses style you love, you’ll always be prepared for any occasion with these classic looks.

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