How You Should Dress to Match Your Astrological Sign's Personality

How You Should Dress to Match Your Astrological Sign's Personality

Your style is a direct reflection of your personality. It’s about so much more than the colors that you love and the patterns that you favor most. It’s also about how your clothes make you feel. At its core, there’s a direct link between style and emotion. And because you’re so much more than just a mannequin to show off great attire, it makes sense that your clothes should connect with you on deeper than surface level.

One way to bring a more personal touch to your wardrobe is to consider your zodiac sign. You may have a general idea of how your traits align with the characteristics associated with your astrological sign — but do you know how your style is affected by them? “Your chart is there all the time,” says astrologer Francesca Oddie, “influencing your direction whether you happen to have read the map or not.”

In other words, even if you aren’t too familiar with your astrological background, it can still play a pivotal role in guiding many of your choices. What’s fun about styling for your zodiac sign is that you get to dig into what makes your personality tick and how your clothes can help you express yourself even better. Whether it’s a traditional knit dress, a sporty pair of sweats, or a sophisticated gown, these clothes are guided by your star sign’s most notable traits. Here’s how it all breaks down.


Your innate preference for all-day comfort can’t be denied, Capricorn. Who can blame you for being all about that warmth and quiet style? You prefer chic to flashy, and you love something traditional and time-honored. Where Capricorns are concerned, there’s some room for experimentation, too. It’s OK to step out of the comfort zone and into something with a little edge, like a fun pattern. A pair of joggers is always a reliable choice, especially with a nubby cardigan in a down-to-earth shade like rust or mustard.


You aren’t afraid to step in a bolder direction. That’s because your Aquarius sign dictates your independence and sense of pride in everything that you do. Try fit and flare dresses with quirky patterns for your daily look. Give them an unexpected twist by pairing them with chunky sneakers or metallic slides, depending on what you’ve got on the schedule that day. Pop a fedora or another wide-brim hat on your head for a fun finishing touch.


The Pisces vibe is all about celebrating carefree, relaxed style. It’s just the free spirit in you, itching to come out at all times. What better way than in something with a bohemian twist? Try an airy tunic or a cool maxi dress with a tiered skirt. The free-flowing nature of these pieces makes them suitable for your inherent style — and perfectly complements your artistic nature and appreciation for the arts. Don’t be afraid to add a little frill or other interesting detail to your look. Ruffles and cascading fabrics fit the bill perfectly.


Embracing the best of both worlds is what you do best, Aries. You’ve always got a positive attitude, and that’s reflected in your appreciation for fearless styles that are unapologetically you. Have fun mixing things up in everything from women's lightweight jackets and sweatshirts to structured blazers and pencil skirts. Your enthusiasm for style — and life in general — makes it easy for you to have fun with your looks year-round, even mixing and matching sporty and conservative styles sometimes.


Fashionable? That’s definitely the Taurus way. You don’t shy away from experimenting with trends and generally having a blast creating new looks. Whether it’s a fresh-from-the-runway style or a color that’s sure to turn heads, odds are it will find its way into your closet. What will it be? An A-line mini paired with a cropped blazer and chic suede booties? How about an embellished sweater with fitted jeans? The options are unlimited where your sense of style is concerned.


You, Gemini, know all about how to have a good time. It’s practically in your DNA. And your zodiac sign all but informs the world that you can’t resist having some serious fun with your fashion choices, too. Whether it’s a pair of high-rise jeans worn with a sleek bodysuit and heels or a ruffled blouse used to elevate a pair of skinny pants and boots, you know just what it takes to make any outfit look a little bit more interesting.


You never say no to anything sophisticated. The Cancerian has a knack for putting together the most polished ensembles in the room. You’re the one who shows up in a pencil skirt with a pretty blouse or a timeless shell top and matching cardigan with a pair of trousers. For you, clean lines coupled with classic flair mean everything. It’s all part of your naturally sensitive and gentle qualities. They’re reflected in clothing choices that are simple, refined, and perfect for everything from dates to interviews.


Who’s that in the spotlight? Probably you, Leo. You aren’t exactly one to hug the wall or keep yourself confined when you could easily step out into the spotlight. You let your clothes work some of that magic for you. What will it be? Try some basics with a twist. Women’s T-shirts embellished with fringe, jackets with faux fur trim, jeans with studs, and anything with some sort of decorative element is a first-rate option for your wardrobe.


You appreciate the simplicity of a piece, Virgo. You love the little details that lend everything style and character. Maybe it’s the stripes on the nautical top you wear throughout spring and summer or the clean lines of the structured trench coat that makes its appearance on rainy days. Your style is largely subtle, but you aren’t afraid to make your presence known with powerful pieces that make a statement on their own. These are the types of clothes that connect well to your practical streak.


All things in balance, Libra. Where there’s adventure, you’re there to bring the calm. And when things are a little too peaceful, you’ll be right there with a little zest. It’s all about harmony where you’re concerned, which is why you’re known to pair neutral hues with more vibrant shades. It’s why you may take your clean lines with a side of softness. It’s why you might pair your no-nonsense pencil skirt with a frilly top for a balanced look from top to bottom.


Whether you’re all decked out in a little black dress or wearing something more casual, Scorpio always puts a polished spin on any look. Maybe it’s the addition of a dazzling necklace that makes a casual outfit look more refined, or a dainty pearl collar or a ruffled sleeve to transform an otherwise ordinary blouse or sweater into something more interesting. Whatever it might be, you know how to wear it because it helps you channel your penchant for being so resourceful and curious.


A little daring, a little goofy, and a whole lot of fun, Sagittarius always has a blast putting together an everyday outfit. While you aren’t a big risk-taker, you definitely love something classy to dress up a cotton cardigan and a pair of jeans. The classics call your name, and you naturally gravitate in that direction because of your down-to-earth, pragmatic nature.

It’s important to remember, however, that there’s no rulebook where good style is concerned. “Astrology isn’t prescriptive,” stresses Oddie. “We are all here to love and learn; we are all here to do that in our individual way.”


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