Dog Jackets:  Do They Really Need Them?

Dog jackets: do they really need them?

What kind of dogs need to wear dog jackets? The quick answer: Yours. Every dog may not necessarily need the absolute warmest winter coat, but every dog can benefit from some level of protection once the temps start to drop. They’ll feel warmer and happier while looking absolutely adorable. However, not all dogs would benefit from a dog jacket. Some simply don’t need them while others really do. If jackets aren’t your dog’s thing, there are other alternatives as well. Read on to learn more!

The don’ts: dogs who don’t need coats

Large breeds dogs who have thick or long coats generally do not need you to put an additional dog coat on them. These dogs naturally have their own winter coats biologically designed to keep them warm in winter. Adding a dog jacket on top of their natural coat will just make them uncomfortable.

The dos: dogs who would benefit from a coat

In general, most small breed dogs benefit greatly from being dressed in a warm winter dog coat while braving the elements. Similarly, if your best fur-friend is short haired, regardless of the dog’s size, you should also protect him by putting a winter dog coat on him prior to taking him outside.

Dogs that are lean or underweight can really benefit from the warmest winter dog coats possible. Even a large dog with a long thick coat could be in a situation where he needs a warm dog coat if he is struggling to maintain a healthy weight. This is sometimes a common health problem in older dogs or those who are picky eaters. Dogs that are naturally lean, such as greyhounds and whippets, actually become so chilled that they shiver (sometimes even when they are indoors) during cooler weather. Regardless of what the forecast calls for (...or what size he is...or what type of coat he has...or where he fits on the doggy BMI chart) one thing is for sure, he still needs to go outside even when it is cold. Chances are your furry companion will enjoy being out and about much more when he is wearing his warmest dog coat.

Think about the features of the dog coat before buying

Unfortunately, not all dog apparel is created equally. If your dog needs a dog coat, be sure you get him the right one. Some dog jackets look adorable, but really provide little to no warmth or protection for your four legged friend at all. When in doubt, reach for a dog Squall® dog coat or Expedition dog parka. Both provide your doggy with everything he needs to face the great outdoors during the coldest months of the year, plus….added bonus!...since a women’s Expedition Parka or women’s Squall Parka also look great on you, buying one for your pooch as well gives the two of you the perfect winter twinsie option...a little monogramming never hurts either.

Other ways to keep your pup cozy

If dog coats aren’t your buddy's thing, there are other ways to keep your dog warm and cozy as he’s lounging around your house. Get him a new fluffy dog bed. He might love the old one, but if it’s ripped to shreds and smells like dirt and dog drool, he might really benefit from a new bed. You can even personalize his bed with his name for an added fun touch. If your pup loves to lounge around the house, you could also get him a hooded rob, dog hoodie, or a flannel sleep shirt. Of course, always make sure that your dog will be safe and comfy before putting them in any new outfits, but these could be a new favorite for him.


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