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DIY self-care day to reward your busy and hectic life this fall.

I love a self-care day. Either a spontaneous weekend decision or planned well in advance, taking a moment to stop and breathe is a great way to check in. Sometimes you're in a "let's all get into matching pajamas this Sunday!" mood. And other times you just want to fly solo.

You want to treat your state of mind with the same respect that you'd treat a guest in your home. Basically, this day is a way to "eat your vegetables." We're not always taking time to relax even though being relaxed is the salad of emotions. No matter if it's mental, physical, or emotional. Stressed out? Overwhelmed?

No worries, we're treating ourselves since we've already accomplished so much. Hit that reset button!

What do I need for a self-care day?

First off, think about your most comfortable outfit. The one that calms you down as soon as you step into it. For some it's a sweatshirt and sweatpants combo with a great pair of slippers. For others it's their cozy flannel pajamas. And whichever outfit you're thinking about right now, that's the one to wear on your self-care day.

What's the benefit of a self-care day?

If you ever hear yourself saying "I need a vacation" and it's between the end of September and the holidays, you're definitely not alone. While you may not have that luxury to take a week off, just one day to yourself can get you that necessary worry-free day.

You can stop worrying about your loud neighbors or nosy children or any other small detail that's prodding your mind. You can refresh your day to day without powering through week after week, month after month, never realizing how quickly time is passing.

Here are a few things you can do if you're looking to have yourself a spectacular self-care day.

What to do in for a self-care day:

  • Get a massage. What a good book does to your mind, a massage does to your aches.
  • Take a drive to a lake or a park to get up close and personal with nature.
  • Or take a bath. A good old-fashioned bath is guaranteed to calm you down.
  • Whatever your heart, mind, body, soul, or whatever it is that drives you: satisfy that! This is your day to let the worries slip by. If that means dishing up your favorite childhood meal, listening to a brand new podcast, or buying one (or a few) sweaters onlineā€¦do you.

Reminder: Self-care day doesn't mean you have to do anything you wouldn't want to be doing. It's all for you. If you want to rent a limo and drive it around the city because it's been a dream since you were young, then why wouldn't you do it?

Also, if you're a parent and can't guarantee yourself a self-care day at home, you may find solace heading to a day spa or renting an Airbnb for a day. It's a vacation, stay-cation, and day-cation wrapped into one. You'll want to pack your flannel robe with you.

If you're looking for a brief escape, here are some self-care options:

  • Go to a movie alone. You won't have to share the popcorn with anybody.
  • Catch a comedy show!
  • Art class. A local gallery might have a walk-in friendly policy which would be ideal if you're feeling the need to express yourself in a creative way.
  • Yoga. We often hear how therapeutic yoga can be, and sometimes it's exactly what we're looking to do.
  • Breathe. Take 10 minutes and just try to breathe in and out until you've forgotten what it is you were worried for.

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