5 Different Ways to Wear a Men’s Sweater

5 Different Ways to Wear a Men’s Sweater

As things get chillier, a man's style has to keep up! Summer clothes start looking a bit odd in winter, even if the thermostat technically backs you up. What's a stylish guy to do? Break out the men's sweaters in your closet! It may seem at first glance that sweaters don't have many outfit options. However, there are many different styles of sweaters, and many different ways you can combine a sweater with other pieces to create unique looks. Check out some of these pairings and outfit ideas as we take you through five different ways to wear a men's sweater.

1) Sweater Alone

This is the typical outfit most guys think of when they think about wearing a sweater, so it's worth a mention — simply a sweater on top and pants on the bottom. A nice and easy color combination here would include a white or gray knitted sweater with blue jeans and black boots. If you want to get a little more color and visual interest into the mix, try a burgundy cable knit sweater over mustard or brown corduroy pants with brown oxford boots. Add a big and bold watch and your look is complete. See? Even this "typical" combination can get as interesting as you are!

2) Layered Sweater

Moving on to some more creative possibilities, consider layering your sweater over the top of a collared shirt. With an unbuttoned shirt and a men's v-neck sweater, your necklines align and present a cohesive image. As for colors and patterns, consider a cream sweater over a blue plaid shirt. Put some dark blue jeans or trousers on the bottom with brown shoes and you have a sharp look. If you want something a little more casual, and a little more holiday, choose a red sweater with a red and white plaid shirt underneath. Blue or black jeans work here as do some nice white sneakers. Roll those sleeves a bit to show off a little forearm and you're Christmas-ready!

3) Layered Sweater With a Blazer

Sometimes you need a bit more of a professional look. You might have an outdoor winter wedding to attend or a really nice office party for which you need to dress to impress! We've got you covered. Take that sweater layered look we just talked about and add a blazer on top. It ends up looking similar to a three-piece suit, but a little warmer. You'll want to keep your colors neutral for this kind of combination, like a white shirt under a light gray sweater (remember that v-neck) under and darker gray men's suit. Finally, the only question you need to answer is: tie or no tie? Don't worry, both look great!

4) Turtleneck Sweater

Now we enter the realm of "special" sweaters. This just means these are the sweaters we often forget about, but they are just different enough to give an outfit a completely different atmosphere. For example, a men's turtleneck sweater. It's visually similar to a buttoned-up shirt with a suit, so this look appears a little more on the formal side. Wear the turtleneck alone (a cream color over blue jeans would be nice) or add an overlayer. A maroon turtleneck with a black blazer is a very sharp look. If it's cold and you're running around outside, use a trenchcoat as your overlayer. Choose a black turtleneck with a brown trench to broaden your shoulders and slim your center. With this look you'll fit into any theater show audience or upscale restaurant for your next holiday date.

5) Cardigan Sweater

Men's cardigan sweaters present a nice visual middle between a blazer and a wrap layer. If you want to get a little more formal, lean into the blazer look by wearing your buttoned cardigan sweater over a shirt and tie. If you need some color suggestions, a blue-gray sweater with a white shirt and a black and gray striped tie would be nice. Finish it off with black trousers and some shiny black shoes. If you want to go more casual, wear an open cable knitted cardigan sweater with a snug shawl collar over a comfy button-up shirt. A blue-gray sweater over a blue chambray shirt with some mustard corduroys and doc martins on the bottom all combine to give you a nice laidback look that keeps you toasty.

That's the list! Take these ideas and see what your closet holds and what you may need to add to bring your winter wardrobe up to scratch. Make each look your own by trying the different combinations and seeing what you like. With these five ways to wear a sweater, you won't have to worry about getting cold or looking less than your best this winter season.


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