The Different Kinds of Tankinis

The Different Kinds of Tankinis

There are so many reasons to opt for the modest yet stylish tankini top. It offers more coverage for your body and from the sun. You can still show off your arms without having to worry about showing off too much compared to a bikini top. If you’re wondering which kind of tankini top is right for you, keep reading to learn all about the different types of tankinis you can wear for comfort and style during the swim season.

What Is a Tankini?

You don’t want to wear a one-piece. You’re not exactly feeling the revealing bikini top either. Tankini tops are the happy middle ground between the two. Some tankinis are long enough to make it look like your swimsuit is a one-piece. Others are shorter to reveal a bit of your midriff. If you want the flexibility of a two-piece but also want a bit more coverage, go for a tankini.

One-Shoulder Tankini

Just like there are one-shoulder tops and blouses, there are also one-shoulder tankinis. This style provides more support than a bandeau. If you want to draw more attention to your upper body, the one-shoulder tankini works best on those with a pear body shape.

Halter Tankini

Halter tankinis are secured around the neck with a clasp or with ties from the fabric itself. This is a great option for those looking for more chest support since you can adjust the halter to your liking. When choosing what kind of halter tankini to get, choose a halter tankini that ties instead of a clasp to provide more control and lift. Halter tankinis suit both apple and hourglass figures well.

Triangle Tankini

Also known as the “trikini,” the triangle tankini is inspired by the triangle-shaped fabric over the chest area. It’s similar to the look of the bikini but has more coverage. This bathing suit is flattering on basically every body type. Be sure to also look at all of our swimsuits to see which other kinds of swimwear work well with your natural frame.

Underwire Tankini

When you need more support with your bras, you probably go for an underwire bra. If you want that same kind of extra support when you’re swimming, go for an underwire tankini. Many underwire tankinis are available in your exact cup size since they mirror the silhouette of your everyday bra.

Longline Bikini Top

You love wearing a crop top in your current wardrobe. Why not bring your crop top to the beach by wearing a longline bikini top? It’s called the longline bikini top because it has a longer length than the bikini top, similar to the length of a tankini. It provides more support and coverage than the traditional bikini. While it’s certainly flattering for all body types, it’s also a great option for any person with a rectangular or pear body shape if you want to draw the attention upward.

Bandini or Strapless Tankini

If you want the coverage benefits of the tankini without the straps, opt for the bandini. The strapless tankini gives the built-in support of a tankini without the tankini straps. It’s the trendy bandana top of swimwear. This style works well for those with an inverted triangle, hourglass, or apple body shape. Get one in black for an effortlessly chic look. If you love a black bandini, you’ll love a little black swimsuit too.

Rash Guard

Want even more coverage than a tankini can offer? A rash guard or swim shirt not only offers more coverage but also is the go-to swimwear for any athletic water activities like surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. It’s great for anyone who wants extra protection from the sun and from chafing. They typically have long sleeves like full-length arm sleeves or three-quarter sleeves. You can choose short-sleeve rash guards too. They pair well with water shoes for any outdoor water adventures.

Everyday Swimwear

Styling your tankini goes beyond just the pool or the beach. Few things are as versatile both in and out of the water as the great tankini. Experiment with different tankini styles to add to both your swimwear wardrobe and your everyday wardrobe to rock the everyday swimwear look. If you need a bathing suit that transitions from the pool to your post-pool day dinner, just wear your tankini with a sarong. It’ll complete your vacation look, and you’ll be ready to sip your beachside cocktail in an instant. Accessorize with any of our canvas totes & beach bags to complete your dreamy vacation look.

Which Style Is Right for You?

When deciding which kind of tankini is best for you, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. You can consider your body type and which tankini might best suit your natural frame. You can consider the style or length of your tankini that goes along with your swimsuit bottoms. If you prefer to wear a higher waist bottom, you may prefer a shorter tankini or one that can be altered to your liking, like the halter tankini. If you prefer briefs or swim shorts, you may prefer the look of the one-shoulder tankini or the bandini to balance out your look.

It’s all up to your style and comfort. Play around with different looks until you find what suits you best.


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