The Difference Between Crewnecks and V-necks and How to Style Them Both

The Difference Between Crewnecks and V-necks and How to Style Them Both

Necklines are important, even on simple, casual t-shirts. Choosing a different neckline can create a different visual impression, which you definitely want to use to your advantage. Pretty much all t-shirts come with crewnecks or v-necks, which begs the question: which should you wear when? Here is the difference between crewnecks and v-necks and how men and women can style them both.

What The Neckline Does

All clothes have a visual impact. Different clothes emphasize and conceal different aspects, and we can use that to our advantage. Necklines can affect your face shape, the look of your neck and your shoulders, and can even balance out your lower body. Now that we know what the neckline does, let's see the different things crewnecks and v-necks do!

What Crewnecks Do

Crewnecks are necklines that circle around the neck. They have no collar and end close to the base of the neck without being tight. Because this neckline is so close to the neck, the focus tends to shift out to the shoulders, especially if the top is a solid color and has no patterns to change the eye's focus. This is great for those who have smaller shoulders and for those who need to balance out wider hips. It also visually shortens the neck since the neckline is high. If you have a narrower face, this neckline is wider than the v-neck below and better for this kind of face.

What V-necks Do

V-necks, on the other hand, are necklines that have a "v" shape in the front—thus, the name. The depth of "v" varies, but most v-necks end a few inches below the dip or notch in the base of the throat where the neck meets the chest. As the "v" is a vertical shape, it draws the eye up and down, creating a visual impression of length, no matter the color or pattern. Keep in mind, different "v's" are different. A thinner, deeper "v" lengthens and narrows. This is great for those who want a thinner face, reduced shoulders, and a longer torso. For those wanting less of any of those effects, consider a wider "v" shape for your v-neck t-shirts.

Now for the outfits!

First, the Crewnecks...

Crewneck t-shirts are, of course, casual and in general, go best with jeans—that white shirt, blue jeans look is great for almost anyone—but you can do a few things to dress them up a little too. For the gentlemen, a crewneck men's t-shirt is what you want to put under a men's blazer if you are going for this kind of business casual attire. The higher neck is similar to the buttoned-up collared shirts which would normally go with a blazer, so the similar necklines help the crewneck match the blazer in a similar way. If you want to take this look up another notch, switch your jeans for a pair of chino pants.

For a slightly more formal look for the ladies, choose a fitted, long-sleeved women's crewneck top as opposed to one with short sleeves. This is more coverage and thus, is a little more formal. These long sleeves can look really cute when layered too, like a bright red crewneck on top with a black and white striped shirt peeking out the bottom.

Then the V-necks...

Women's v-neck t-shirts also work fabulously with jeans. Some gorgeous combinations are a maroon v-neck top with black jeans or a white v-neck shirt with olive jeans. Take the look up with a pair of heels or keep things a little more laidback with flats. Don't forget to pair your v-necks with shorts too! A cute white v-neck top tucked into a pair of cut-off jeans is a classic casual outfit.

For the men, the t-shirt and jeans look is awesome on you, but you will want to be careful about the depth of the "v" in your men's v-neck tops. Too deep may not give the impression you were hoping for. The "v" should either cover or just expose your collar bones. On most guys, this is about an inch or two below the dip or notch at the base of the throat. When in doubt, opt for a higher "v," rather than a lower one.

Now that you know a little bit about necklines, the wide range of impact they have, and how crewnecks and v-necks affect your look, you can choose the best t-shirts for your body type and sense of fashion. You even have some outfit ideas to give you a starting point for creating a style that is uniquely your own. Play with colors and sleeves until you find t-shirts that make you feel confident and gorgeous. Happy shopping!


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