7 Destinations That Are Perfect for a Spring Getaway

7 Destinations That Are Perfect for a Spring Getaway

A spring getaway? Yes, please! We all deserve some sun and fun in the springtime. Here are some great destinations for spring getaways from beaches to cities to mountains and more.

Santa Catalina Island, CA

This beautiful getaway destination is part of the Channel Islands of California is one of the best islands to visit in April. The scenery is stunning, and the summer crowds won’t be there yet! You can enjoy white sand beaches, a beautiful harbor full of boats, and the best sunsets you’ll ever see.

If you visit Santa Catalina Island, break out the women’s shorts and women’s T-shirts ! It will feel wonderful to shed some of that insulation if you have been bundling up all winter.

Sedona, AZ

Especially if you experienced a Midwestern winter, Sedona, Arizona, can be a treat in April! As you would expect of Arizona, the climate can be extreme, so early spring is the perfect time to visit. Desert flowers will be in bloom, the sun will be shining, and outdoor activities from gazing to hiking to biking are all the rage.

Bring good walking shoes and sunscreen! There are plenty of activities to schedule, but make sure to plan for some downtime, too. Soaking up scenery like beautiful red rocks and flora that you can’t find at home is restorative.

Flint Hills, KS

If you have ever driven through Kansas and been underwhelmed with the scenery, you're missing out. Especially with spring rain, the Flint Hills are beautiful and there are tours available. It's awe-inspiring to look out at the grasslands and realize that they have looked like that for thousands of years and are home to birds and animals that thrive in the prairie. There is also a Discovery Centre in Manhattan, Kansas which includes fossils that are 250 million years old. Whether you're a full-fledged science fan or just enjoy the great scenery and learning new things, this is a lovely spring getaway.

Washington, D.C.

April is your best bet for catching the beautiful blooms of the cherry trees in Washington, D.C. A gift from Japan, they are a gorgeous sight. And of course, if you're into museums, you can’t pick a better spot in the U.S. From the National Archives to the National Gallery of Art to the National Museum of African American History and Culture to the National Air and Space Museum (and more!) there are compelling places to learn from and visit.

Don’t forget your walking shoes! You’ll want to be able to put miles on them as well as enjoy great restaurants and nightlife. There are so many tourists in D.C. that you can go casual just about anywhere except for the Kennedy Center. Women’s jeans and a women’s white blouse will take you almost anywhere during the day.

Naples, FL

If you want to lounge on a beautiful beach or escape to the wilderness of the Everglades, Naples, Florida is for you. In the Gulf of Mexico, Southwest Florida deserves its moniker, the “Paradise Coast." Warm breezes and gorgeous scenery await you in Naples.

Grand Teton National Park, WY

The Teton range is a few miles south of Yellowstone and part of the Rocky Mountains. There are over two hundred miles of gorgeous trails and the Snake River (perfect for floating down). April is the perfect time to visit for a spring getaway as the skiing season will be over and the summer crowds won’t be there yet. It's still chilly there in April but bundle up and it will be more than worth the trip.

A women’s fleece jacket is the perfect addition to this trip. You can wear it over a flannel shirt or under a coat for handy layering if you're always colder than everyone else, and roll it up and stash it in your carry-on bag or tote. Make sure to include a pair of well broken-in hiking shoes or boots for this trip. If you buy new ones, give them a few workouts around the neighborhood before you head to Wyoming.

DIY Day Trip

If the time away or expense of a traditional getaway doesn’t work for you this April, why not schedule an entire day electronics-free and explore a beautiful new spot near you? Maybe this is a new city or a national park or a special museum. Whatever sparks your imagination, keep it within a two-to-three-hour drive of your home and plan for both a fun activity and a meal to make it memorable. Sometimes all you need is to truly unplug, enjoy nature or soak up some culture, and relax.

Whether you want to lounge on a beach, go hiking in the great outdoors, or check out the local culture, a spring getaway can be just the ticket!


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