A Guide to Pairing Denim Skirts With Tops

A Guide to Pairing Denim Skirts With Tops

You’ve got to appreciate the innate versatility of a denim skirt. It’s the ultimate go-to piece: something that’s classic, stylish, and comfortable all at once, and that you can easily dress up or down with just a few key accessories. Whether you prefer a mini or a midi skirt, you can easily find one that flatters your figure and helps you look and feel your most confident.

So what’s the best way to style one of the most important pieces in your wardrobe? You’ve got options — lots of them, and it pays to be creative and play around with different garments to create fresh, new looks. With a little bit of ingenuity, you can easily wear your denim skirt even on cooler days. Here are some different types of tops that look great with it, and how you can make it work for you year-round.

A White Blouse

When a classic meets a classic, the effect can only ever be flawless. That’s destined to be the case when you pair a women’s white blouse with your denim skirt. The marriage of crisp white with deep blue is timeless. Think of it as an alternative to wearing your usual blue jeans with a plain white T-shirt.  

Pull on a cozy cardigan over your blouse to soften the outfit just a touch. You might choose something that’s just a little longer than the skirt if you’re wearing a mini, or one that grazes your hips if you have on a midi length. Don’t be afraid to experiment with color if you put a sweater on top. That vibrant pop helps liven up your outfit, and you can pair just about any shade with denim for a beautiful look from top to bottom.

A Polo Shirt

Breaking news: women’s polo shirts are _definitely_ on the VIP list again. The longtime casual wardrobe staple earns points for its longevity and its versatility. You can wear it just about anywhere and with anything, but it looks right at home with a great denim skirt. It’s perfect for anything from an outdoor lunch to a stroll on the boardwalk. Simply put, it’s just plain easy.

But just because both the polo and skirt are total classics doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun creating the outfit! Try a patchwork denim skirt that puts a trendy spin on the traditional, and wear it with a brighter polo for a fun and fresh look perfect for a spring or summer day. Throw on a midi-length denim skirt and tuck in a jewel-tone polo. Add a chunky bangle or two put a dressy spin on the look.

A Cozy Cardigan

Women’s cardigans of all kinds are perfect to wear with denim skirts of any length. Whether it’s warmer or cooler outside, this addition is both practical and stylish, and it’s easy to slip on and off as conditions warrant.  

For a longer length skirt, opt for a shorter length sweater to create a more even look from top to bottom. If your skirt is on the short side, however, try a slightly longer cardigan for balance. A fitted style is an option if you favor a trendy, contemporary look. On a cooler day, pull on some opaque tights and over-the-knee boots to warm up — this is the kind of classic outfit you can wear throughout fall and even on those milder early days of winter with the right cardigan on top.

A Patterned Shirt

A denim skirt makes a great base piece if you want to experiment with things like vibrant colors and unexpected patterns. It’s essentially a neutral — precisely the type of noncompetitive piece you want to wear when you’ve got something a little more eye-catching to wear with it. Now is a great time to pull on that bright women’s T-shirt with the fun floral print or the traditional stripe.

The beauty of wearing a patterned top with your denim is you can pull it all together with an additional layer on top. Pull on a cardigan, a structured blazer, or a hoodie for added warmth. The punchy print underneath pops just enough to make the outfit a little more fashionable. Finish with a pair of booties or wedges for a fun way to style your always reliable denim skirt.

Few pieces are as classic as a denim skirt. When you don’t want to wear jeans or shorts, they fill the gap perfectly. Best of all, they’re incredibly versatile. You can easily wear them with anything from basic white tees to wildly colorful blouses to silky tanks to polished blazers. Whether you finish the outfit with a pair of chunky sneakers, a low-profile wedge sandal, a statement heel, or your favorite ballet flats, you’ll love the way that it all comes together.


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