Decorate Your Kitchen for Function and Entertaining

Decorate Your Kitchen for Function and Entertaining

Many of us are at home right now with lots of extra time to devote to spring cleaning. Now that we have already reorganized the pantry, cleaned out the cabinets, and revamped the spice rack, we are gearing up for the next fun kitchen project: decorating. Many people dream of the perfect kitchen that is beautiful, functional, and fully equipped for entertaining. Dream no more, because it’s time to make that dream into a reality. Whether you’re ready for a total overhaul of your kitchen or you are seeking some small upgrades, we have some great tips for how to decorate your kitchen for both everyday function and entertaining.

Sleek Appliances

The kitchen is the heart of a home, after all, and the perfect place to express your style for hosting. Subtle, sleek-looking appliances have the power to truly bring a kitchen aesthetic together. Even if you are not a devoted chef, you can still source well-made appliances that look great without spending a fortune. You don’t need to purchase professional-grade equipment; standard, well-designed appliances that fit well into your kitchen space will do the trick. Even if you are not in the market for a new stove or refrigerator, a simple touch like getting an on-counter espresso maker or a high-end blender will add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen and also make it easy to entertain guests for coffee or cocktails. If you have space, perhaps you can invest in some smaller appliances such as a warming oven or a wine refrigerator that will add a nice touch to your kitchen when you're ready to host.

Light Color Palette

Explore the idea of redoing your kitchen color palette when decorating this spring. Color combinations that you choose for a room can change the whole experience of the space. The chic white kitchen is trending this year and it is no surprise why. Regardless of the size of your space, a white kitchen is sure to brighten and visually expand the space. Explore repainting your walls, redoing your cabinets, or adding some bright accessories as small but prolific touches. Monogrammed towels for the kitchen are the perfect hybrid for function and entertainment as they are amazingly useful in the kitchen but also add a welcoming touch when used by your guests. Have your family initials or other cute kitchen inspiration words embroidered on the towels.

The Perfect Island

A kitchen island is the best place in the kitchen for food preparation and food service. Of course, an island won’t fit in every kitchen, but if you are interested in adding a stylish island without all of the construction hassles, they are available online for affordable prices and in many different styles and sizes to suit your needs. A two-tiered island is perfect for prepping food and entertaining because you can tuck away some of the dishes while the upper tier of the island can be used without feeling like there is clutter. If you already have an island and want to give it an upgrade, perhaps pick out some new stools and throw pillows.

Sophisticated Dishware and Glassware

Maybe you have recently gone through your cabinets and gaped at your eclectic collection of dishes, bowls, mugs, and glasses. One of the key parts of decorating a kitchen is to be sure your dishware and glassware are relatively uniform and represent the kitchen aesthetic for which you’re going. Whether you prefer white ceramics or hand-painted dishware, a uniform set or sets of dishes is a win-win for function and style. The same goes for glassware. Make your husband especially happy by gifting him a new set of stunning glasses for a great Father’s Day gift. You will love entertaining with sophisticated dishware and glassware.

Eclectic Cutting and Serving Boards

Serving snacks on a plastic cutting board is not ideal. Up your kitchen decor with some wooden cutting boards and attractive serving boards to both have a fancy place to chop as well as serve up snacks to your guests. Wood or stone cutting and serving boards come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, with materials sourced from all over the world. Feel free to store your beautiful wooden or stone cutting board right on your kitchen counter to add an eclectic touch to your kitchen.

Decorating your kitchen can be as basic or as extravagant as you’d like. Whether you’re planning a total overhaul of your current kitchen or just a few upgrades and additional touches, the perfect kitchen for function and entertainment is easily within your reach.

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