Date Night Outfits

Date Night Outfits

Date night around the corner? Maybe you have butterflies for someone new, or maybe you have a standing date night with your special someone. No matter the type of date you’re planning, you’ll want to look stylish, flirty, and dare we say, sexy. Let’s dive in with some helpful tips that will have you ready for any adventure.

How To Pick A Perfect Date Night Outfit

Picking a date night outfit is a great way to get excited about your upcoming soiree. You’ll want to match your outfit to the fun activity you have planned with your special someone. For example, you won’t want to traipse through a grass field to a picnic in 4-inch stilettos or show up to a bowling alley without socks! While you’re outfit-planning, remember you’ll want to wear something that will impress no matter the venue. That could mean adding sparkly earrings to a dressed-down outfit or pumping up the drama with cat-eye eyeliner for a night on the town. No matter what you choose, you’ll want to look in the mirror and feel confident. Go with the outfit that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and drop-dead gorgeous.

Date Night Outfit Tips

Dating should be fun, so why spend any time stressing about what you’ll wear? These date night outfit tips will help you put together the perfect look in no time. 

For any date, you’ll want to dress to impress. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the opera or spending the afternoon at a baseball game. To dress up a casual outfit, try adding kitten heels to your ripped jeans or red lipstick to your cotton dress. When all else fails, a little black dress is the perfect date outfit for any occasion. 

During your date, you’ll want to focus on the hunk across from you, not a bra strap that’s cutting into your shoulder or skinny jeans that are too tight around the waist. Dress to impress, but keep comfort in mind. That could mean opting for a fit and flare dress instead of a bodycon or throwing a women's cardigan in your purse or around your shoulders if you know you’ll get chilly. 

  • Dress Like Yourself

Maybe the most important tip of all, remember to dress like yourself. Your date is here because they want to go on a date with you. Just as you shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not on a first date, you shouldn’t dress like someone you’re not. 

First Date Outfits

One of the hardest dates to dress for is that first one — it wraps up nerves, excitement, attraction, and first impressions all in one! When you have a great outfit that matches the activity, however, it’s easy to make the right first impression.

Just remember that because this is your first time spending time together, you’ll want to make sure your date knows you care by getting a little extra dressy, no matter the venue. 

  • Boyfriend Jeans with Crop Top and Heels

When you’re doing something casual, like meeting for a drink or picnicking in the park, this look is sure to turn your date’s head. The bare midriff is flirty and the slouchy boyfriend jeans play with balance and proportions while still hugging your hips in all the right places. If boyfriend jeans aren’t your style, a crop top pairs nicely with skinny jeans or curvy fit jeans too. Just make sure your final look is balanced. If your jeans are tight, your crop top should be flowy rather than form-fitting. Try a top with ruffles to draw attention up to your face. To top it all off, a pair of heels will elevate this casual outfit. Be bold with your shoe color choice. A pop of red or purple on your feet is a welcome surprise! 

  • Jumpsuit and Clutch

When your first date needs to be a showstopper, pull out that jumpsuit! You’ll want to choose a dressier jumpsuit, so save those utilitarian styles for another time. A dressy jumpsuit is versatile enough to work at so many different venues, from cocktail bars to fancy restaurants to movie theaters. If you want to show a little skin, the first date is a perfect opportunity to try a halter jumpsuit or, in the summer, a romper. Just add a cute clutch and heels or wedges, and you’ll be ready to hit the town.

Casual Date Outfits

The key to a casual date night outfit comes down to the accessories. When you’re wearing jeans and a T-shirt, you can add a touch of glam with a sparkly clutch, statement heels, or hoop earrings. Pull together the whole look with red lipstick or a smoky eye.

  • Black Dress with an Oversized Denim Jacket and Boots

On any date, the little black dress is your best friend. On a casual date, it’s an easy look, but it might be overdressed by itself. That’s when it’s time to throw on an oversized jean jacket and boots, like a Chelsea boot or even cowboy boots. A crossbody purse will complete this chic and flirty look.

  • Denim Skirt with a Blazer and Kitten Heels

This one is another great casual date outfit idea, particularly if you have the perfect denim women's skirt for the occasion. It never hurts to show a little leg on a first date, so make sure your denim skirt hits you above the knee, like a pencil skirt or mini skirt. Throw on a women's tank top and a chic blazer to complete the look. If you’re feeling bold, a patterned blazer, like a floral or houndstooth style, will stand out on your casual date. Kitten heels will pull it all together, but keep your date’s eyes up top by opting for a nude or tan pair.

Dinner Date Outfits

The dinner date is the most classic of dates, and it deserves a classy outfit to match! When you’re dressing to the nines for your next dinner out, remember to grab a shawl, cardigan, or cotton sweater. You never know when the restaurant’s A/C will be blasting!

  • Statement Top with Skinny Jeans and Bright Sandals

Stand out at a crowded restaurant with a statement top or breezy summer shirt. A plunging neckline or fun pattern with skinny jeans and bright sandals will help your personality, not to mention your figure, shine.

  • Red Blouse with Blue Denim and Nude Mules

On a dinner date where the lights are low and you’re gazing into each others’ eyes by candlelight, a red women's blouse will pop. Pair it with blue denim and nude mules for a look that will work from apps to dessert—your date won’t be able to keep their eyes off of you! 

Now that we’ve covered all the essentials, you’ll go into your next date night without a worry on your mind. Relax, be yourself, and get ready for that goodnight kiss.


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