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Date Night Ideas for 2023

Are you looking for fun date night ideas? Whether you are venturing out on a first date or looking for somewhere new to go with your long-time love, here are some fun date night ideas to try.

Aquarium Date

If you live near an aquarium, go there for a date night! An aquarium date night has several advantages. For a first date, you have instant conversational topics swimming in front of you. This could lead to talking about the fish and water animals themselves, vacations you have enjoyed (or would like to enjoy), how incredibly cool nature is (and what you like best about it), and what is the most creative or whacky date you have ever enjoyed. If you don’t live near an aquarium, consider a zoo date. Many communities have evening activities at local zoos that are great fun and an interesting departure from dinner and a movie.

You will want to be stylish, casual, and ready to walk for an aquarium date. A great date night outfit is your favorite jeans, a cute pair of comfy booties or tennis shoes, and a casual top combination like a cardigan sweater over a tank top or a cute tunic top.

Escape Room Date

This one is sure to shake up your social calendar. Why not plan an escape room date where you and your date (and other couples or friends) will enjoy solving a mystery and accomplishing a goal together? This is an ultra-interactive date that is sure to lead to learning something new about your date and enjoying some laughter along the way.

Escape room date outfits include more women’s activewear than other date night outfits. You could find yourself climbing up on something or crawling on the floor, searching for a clue. Make sure you wear cute and comfy clothes that allow for bending and reaching, like your favorite yoga pants, cute flats, and a fun casual top.

Bookstore Date

Calling all bibliophiles! If you and your date love reading, why not explore a cool bookstore together? The conversational (and shopping!) opportunities are endless. Many bookstores have special events, so check the calendar for one near you. Simply going to a bookstore together and perhaps enjoying coffee or lunch before or after is also a great idea. There are no doubt books you would like to read or favorite authors to discuss. If you live near used bookstores, these can be great fun, too. It’s like combining a cool bookstore with a treasure hunt.

For a bookstore date, wear an outfit that makes you look and feel great. Perhaps a new knit dress or a cute pair of on-trend baggy jeans and a new sweater. Because a bookstore date is an indoor activity that doesn’t require athleticism, your choices for outfits are endless. Wear what will make you feel wonderful.

Museum Date

Whether you both love art, history, or science—or would just like to learn more about one of them, consider a museum date for maximum fun. This is a great way to soak up some culture, learn something new, and have fun with your date. It will also spark great conversations to help you learn more about a first date or put a fun new spin on discussions with your partner.

Most museums are casual, but museum events can be more casual chic or even formal. Check online if you are unsure about dress codes for specific events. Museum dates tend to be a bit more “put together” than, say, going to a sporting event, but you will still want to be comfy. Museum dates often involve significant walking, so choose some cute and comfy women’s shoes to wear while you have fun and get your steps in for the day.

Local Festival Date

From winter carnivals (yes, that is a thing in Wisconsin) to music festivals to art festivals, local festivals are a great option for a creative date night. Check out online community calendars or sites from your favorite organizations to learn about upcoming events near you. Local festivals can also be a fun way to support your local businesses, as they may have booths at the festival.

Many local festivals are held outdoors or in large venues like fairground buildings. You’ll want to dress casually and keep the weather in mind. For winter carnivals, make sure to wear your winter coat with warm and breathable layers underneath, warm boots, and a hat and gloves. For spring or summer festivals, go for lighter layers but check the weather predictions. Evenings can put a chill in the air, which would make adding a women’s fleece jacket or a pretty cardigan sweater to your date night outfit just the ticket.

With a bit of creativity, you can plan some new and interesting date nights for 2023. Have fun!


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