6 Easy Daily Habits That Will Make You Look Effortlessly Put Together

6 Easy Daily Habits That Will Make You Look Effortlessly Put Together

While there is no universal rule book or manual that stylish women turn to in order to consistently look effortlessly put together, there are some habits you can adopt so you can feel and look great every day. We all know that feeling of rushing to get ready in the morning and walking out the door feeling like the hot mess we are. While looking like a hot mess is definitely a fashion statement of its own, sometimes you just want to look like an effortlessly put-together hot mess, too. Fortunately, looking put together doesn’t even mean you need a closet filled with designer clothes. With just a few simple steps, you can integrate some daily habits that will help you feel and look your best.

Brush Your Hair

While the messy morning bun can look chic for some occasions, it’s probably not going to help you feel effortlessly stylish every day. A great place to start looking effortlessly put together is to just brush your hair. It’s easy when getting dressed in the morning to be so overwhelmed that we forget to do anything to our luscious locks.

Having a daily habit of brushing and caring for your hair will make a huge impact on looking effortlessly put together. Even if your outfit isn’t that stellar, if you’ve got a great hairstyle, you will look fantastic. Even if you don’t have time in the morning for a full shampoo and blowout, use some dry shampoo and a hairbrush. If your hair feels beyond help, tie it up in an elegant bun. An elegant bun looks especially good worn with a cashmere turtleneck sweater for effortless grace and style. Hair makes a big statement for looking effortlessly put together, so try adopting a simple daily hair care routine.

Organize Your Closet

It may sound silly, but if you don't put any time into organizing your clothes, you’re likely to be rummaging through piles of clothes to find something to wear. Implementing a daily practice to keep your clothes organized will avoid a crazy dressing spree in the morning and help you easily locate garments and style outfits. This will also help you to strike the perfect balance between pairing basics with statement pieces, which is always a fail-proof approach to looking effortlessly put together. Don’t you hate tearing your whole closet apart looking for that one perfect top? So do we. Avoid this by ensuring your wardrobe is well organized so you can find everything easily.

Invest in a Steamer

No matter what you’re wearing, if it’s wrinkly or creased, it will look sloppy. Investing in a steamer is a great way to easily smooth out any piece of clothing. Irons are great for certain things, but steamers are more versatile and easy to use regularly while getting dressed in the morning. Use regularly to smooth out important pieces like silks, women’s blouses, delicate skirts, and dresses.

Create a Morning Routine

Putting a morning routine in place can go a long way toward looking and feeling effortlessly put together. Carving out half an hour in the morning to sit in your flannel robe with your coffee, meditate, or journal can be paramount in looking and feeling effortless put together. Gathering thoughts and preparing for the day ahead will not just have you feeling calmer and more centered as you approach the day, but also you will look it! A simple morning routine is a great way to start the day right and manage any stress that might show itself on your face.

Time to Get Ready

Similar to a morning routine, making time in the morning to get ready is important. If you’re rushing to put something on, something will always look off. Perhaps it’s a wrinkly shirt, unmatched socks, or some bedhead—it will leave you looking a little ruffed at the feathers. Giving yourself ample time in the morning to select an outfit, brush your hair, and feel your best will go a long way toward looking and feeling effortless throughout the rest of the day.

Know the Weather

Even the nicest outfits will look wrong if worn in the wrong weather. Dressing to impress includes knowing what’s going on with the weather. Your white summer dress won’t look cute anymore when it rains at 3 p.m., so be sure you make checking the weather app a regular part of your daily routine. Knowing the weather means you can dress to match the mood of the day. What else could look more effortlessly put together? Be sure you know if you should be wearing women’s jeans with your raincoat or that pretty summer dress with sandals before you head out the door.

Try adopting some of these easy habits into your daily routine to help you look effortlessly put together every day. You’ll be feeling and looking your best daily!


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