Cyber Monday FAQ: Your Guide to Shopping the Best Deals

Cyber Monday FAQ: Your Guide to Shopping the Best Deals

If you’ve watched even a single episode of primetime TV in the past month, you’re sure to have seen at least a hundred commercials from dozens of stores showing off their Black Friday deals. You might have your list ready and waiting for the big day, complete with every gift you’ll need for a successful holiday season, but don’t forget that Black Friday isn’t the only day to get great prices on your holiday shopping list. Though a lot less popular than Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or the Monday following Black Friday, is an equally great opportunity for fantastic deals, especially in times like these when it’s safer to do your shopping from home. Here are your Cyber Monday questions answered and some tips on how to score big this shopping season.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday, or the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday, is a shopping holiday that was created to encourage people to shop online. The term was coined based on research from 2004 showing that the Monday after Thanksgiving was one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. This was most likely thanks to Americans who window-shopped during the Thanksgiving weekend then used the high-speed internet at work the next Monday to buy what they liked, since most people at the time had slow internet at home. Today, Cyber Monday is an international term for a day that offers smaller retail websites and business that exist mostly, if not entirely, online a chance to compete with larger chains that tend to be top Black Friday destinations.

Are Cyber Monday and Black Friday the Same Thing?

Even though they are only a couple of days apart, Cyber Monday and Black Friday are two (usually) very different events. Thanks to the pandemic and resulting quarantine, however, the two days are going to look pretty similar. While the deals on Monday are traditionally a do-from-home activity, Black Friday will likely join it in an attempt to avoid crowded stores that would make social distancing difficult. This means you’ll be able to do your shopping on both days in your favorite flannel pajamas! If you are hoping to get your purchases soon than later, look for Black Friday stores that offer curb-side pick-up. Your Cyber Monday scores will reach you at the usual shipping speeds, unless you splurge on speedy delivery that is!

Will Cyber Monday Deals Be Better Than Black Friday?

The short answer is that it depends on what you plan on buying. Black Friday is usually a better time to buy big-ticket items that people tend to buy once a year or less, like appliances and big electronics, while Cyber Monday will most likely have better discounts on smaller electronics and gadgets. If you’re looking to buy the newest phone, video game console, or TV, Black Friday is your best bet. If you don’t mind getting a version that’s a generation or two older, you’ll have the best luck on Cyber Monday.

When it comes to non-electronic gifts, such as clothes, outerwear, or toys, you will want to wait for the Deals on the Monday after Thanksgiving. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at the deals on both days, however. Many stores – Lands’ End included! – will offer different deals on different items depending on the day. Be sure to check back to make sure you aren’t missing anything, and to browse Lands’ End before the big day for other great deals and sales.

When Does Cyber Monday Start?

Because it doesn’t take a store full of cashiers and employees to manage online purchases, Cyber Monday can start right away at midnight! That doesn’t mean that you have to be ready and waiting in order to get in on the great prices, though. If you’re worried about a specific item selling out, making your purchase earlier rather than later is probably best, but otherwise you can shop at your leisure. Even if you do plan on staying up, waiting around in a cozy robe with coffee in hand sounds a lot more fun than elbowing yourself a place in line in the freezing cold, right? If the Black Friday bustle is more your scene, now is a great time to get a warm winter coat that you will be able to count on next year to keep you snug and comfy while you wait for deals.

How Can I Prepare for Cyber Monday?

There are lots of things you can do to make sure that your online shopping spree is as stress-free as possible this Cyber Monday. First thing first, make a list of everything you hope to buy and the different stores you think will have these items. Next, browse the websites on your list to see if they have any of their Cyber Monday deals posted yet. This is a great time to sign up for email lists that will send you coupons that you can use for extra discounts if you haven’t already. Figure out which websites will have the best deals for the things you plan on buying and circle them on your list. Now, when Cyber Monday arrives, you know just where to go and what to buy. All you need now is a plate of snacks and a comfy sweater to keep you warm and cozy while you shop!


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