Cutest Outfit Combinations for Your Back-to-School Girl

Cutest Outfit Combinations for Your Back-to-School Girl

Back-to-school season can cause so much excitement—and anxiety. Kids will face meeting new people and getting comfortable in unfamiliar spaces. Having the right outfits can really make your girl’s day that much better. Clothes provide a chance for kids to show off their personalities. From rainbows to animal prints, plenty of exciting apparel pieces will take their style to new heights. Even if your girl’s school has a uniform policy, there are ways they can elevate their style, such as rocking chic shoes or wearing adorable jewelry. If you’re looking for fresh outfit combinations, check out our ideas.

Polo Shirt + Bottoms

A polo shirt is a classic top for many schools’ uniform policies. A perfectly fitted polo is oh so comfortable. Kids’ polo shirts come in various styles, too, from short-sleeved to long-sleeved styles. Polos strikes the perfect balance between polished and casual, meaning your girls can wear them with various bottoms. For more laid-back dress codes, they can style their polos with jeans, shorts, or casual bottoms. However, for stricter uniform policies, they might wear their polo shirts with khaki bottoms, blue or black dress pants, or a skirt or skort. Accessories can also show off a bit of personality.

Graphic T-shirt and Jeans

A classic combo. Little ones of all ages love their kids’ graphic T-shirts and jeans. It’s common to find T-shirts with kids’ favorite prints, patterns, and graphics. What’s your girl into? Does she love Disney or stars? Another thing about tees—they’re affordable for the most part, and you might be able to buy them in bulk. So, purchase her favorite tees so she can show off some personality every day of the week! Also, consider purchasing solid neutral shaded tees that can go with almost anything. You can elevate these tees with jackets, hoodies, and other layers. As for the bottoms, jeans—from skinny jeans to straight jeans—are always a win in kids’ books. Blue jeans will go with almost anything—even consider jeans of various colors and styles.

Tunic Top and Leggings

Kids’ leggings are comfortable. Plus, they work well any time of the year and for plenty of temperatures. Leggings come in all shades and styles. For colder temperatures, you can find fleece leggings. Tunics are a perfect fit for leggings. Tunics are long, flowy tops that cover the top part of the bottom halves of bodies. Tunics, like leggings, are comfortable. Plus, you can find tunics in multiple styles girls might love, from solid pink shades to their favorite patterns.

Button-Down Shirt and Pants

For a more formal choice, consider a button-down shirt and pants combo. This outfit type can be just as stylish as the others mentioned before. However, it’ll have your girl looking more put-together than, let’s say, jeans and a tee. Button-down shirts come in various styles, from solid white and black shades to patterned tops. As for her bottoms, you could style than with jeans. However, to keep her looking as put-together as possible, consider styling her button-down shirts with the pants of her choice.

Dress and Jacket

Elevate your girl’s style with a dress and the jacket of her choice. Dresses for girls can range from light and breezy to more formal. Dresses are also wonderful style choices because they’re one-and-done—meaning she can easily put one on and head out the door without worrying about other style pieces. Plus, dresses make getting dressed after gym class a breeze. Some styles feature self-tie belts, pockets, and embellishes that add a decorative touch to her back-to-school look. In terms of a jacket, sometimes (we all know) classrooms can be chilly places—especially those in warmer climates. Therefore, find stylish back-to-school-ready jackets to keep her dress style in check.

Find the Right Shoe for Your Girls

Comfortable kids’ shoes are a must, no matter what outfit your girls might be wearing during back-to-school season. Even if her outfit is more formal, she can easily balance it with a pair of casual shoes (think flats). Sneakers are common for more casual outfits, such as jeans and the top of her choice. You can also purchase more active sneakers she can use during gym class or fashion sneakers that might not be the best choice for active pursuits but are wonderful styles for plenty of outfits. Other must-have shoes for girls include sandals, booties, and loafers. Buy a range of styles to ensure your girls look their best!

Tie Everything Together With Accessories

Accessories can elevate outfits to the next level. Necessary accessories, such as belts and backpacks, can still look cute for girls. Look for stylish patterns and designs on these types of accessories. However, statement-making pieces can allow your girls to look like little fashionistas. Find accessories with standout styles like designer sunglasses, bucket hats, and more that’ll let your girls rock out the back-to-school season!

We hope you use some of our style tips to ensure your girl’s school year is a success. Most of all, talk to your little learner and figure out her style. That way, you’ll get precisely the apparel, shoes, and accessories that’ll allow her to look and feel her best.


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