Cute Outfits for a First Day of Summer Picnic

Cute Outfits for a First Day of Summer Picnic

You’ve waited all winter to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air and fun in the sun. Picnics are a great way to enjoy your time outside with the people you care about, for lots of reasons. First, because you’re outdoors, you don’t have to worry about hosting a large group of people in your home, so you can invite as many people as your space allows. Second, picnics don’t require fancy dishware or extensive cleanup. And anything that needs to be cleaned up can be easily put into the trash or recycling when you’re ready to pack up and go home. Third, you can get a chance to show off your favorite summer clothes. Wondering what to wear? Here are some cute outfit ideas for your first day of summer picnic.

If It’s a Spontaneous Family Picnic

Picnics with just you and your immediate family can be some of the best. When it’s gorgeous outside on the first day of summer, and you realize the kids have been staring at their phones or tablets all day, an outdoor picnic makes a great spontaneous lunch or dinner idea. As for what to wear, even though you don’t really need to dress to impress, you’ll want to keep a couple of things in mind.

First, there may be some spontaneous family photos, so make sure you’re happy with the outfit you’re wearing. Second, dress for the weather, but make sure comfort and durability are key. You’ll be sitting on a blanket or at a picnic table, and moving around quite a bit as you set things up, so shorts or skorts for women are ideal. Plus, your kids might need you to encourage them to get up and play some games, so be prepared to show them what old-fashioned summer fun looks like.

If It’s a Picnic With a Large Group of Friends

If you’re invited to a picnic with friends, chances are there will be more people than you expected. You might show up to find that friends of friends are also there. In these situations, you don’t want to be overdressed, but you certainly don’t want to be underdressed either as you meet new people.

Dress as you would for a typical day out, but take it up a notch with an outfit that not only looks good but also tolerates whatever summer throws at it: grass stains, dirt, spills, sweat, and bug spray, for example. Dress prepared to have fun. Think some shorts that allow you to move around a bit and a cute women’s summer shirt. But also add a little bit of flair, like some summer jewelry or a wide-brimmed hat.

If It’s a Networking Event

You may find yourself invited to a picnic with people you want to impress, whether it’s an official business event on the first day of summer, or it’s simply a picnic where you know someone influential might be attending as well. In those cases, you want to dress well, but not look like you tried too hard.

Thankfully, you can rely on the good-old polo shirt. It’s the ideal balance of casual and professional, and since it can be embroidered, you can represent your brand if you like. Regardless of whether you’re trying to represent a specific company, a polo shirt matches well with women’s khaki shorts or capri pants, allowing you to sit wherever and however you like if you’re unaware of what type of seating (if any) you’ll be able to use.

If It’s a Romantic Picnic

Picnics are great date ideas, whether it’s a first date or a date with someone you’ve been with for decades. The change of scenery does wonders for the mind, as does the fresh air and privacy. Plus, a lot of fun picnic meal ideas are perfect for two. All you need is a blanket, a picnic basket, or cooler bag, as well as something to sip and nibble on. As for what to wear, you’ll again want to keep seating in mind, as you may be sitting on a blanket, although there’s nothing wrong with packing a few folding chairs. A long maxi dress is great for these types of picnics, as is a cute romper. So pack a bottle of something bubbly, some plastic champagne glasses, cheese, and crackers—and spread out under the sun or stars enjoying the fact that there’s a great summer ahead.

With all these outfits in mind, consider adding to your summer wardrobe and gathering your picnic gear for your first day of summer picnic, and all the picnics that are sure to follow.


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