Cute Couples Pajamas

Cute Couples Pajamas

You share the same bed, why not share the same pajamas? Chances are you and your significant other already borrow from each other in this area — you love throwing on a pair of his boxer shorts when it’s time for bed, and he’s pretty much stolen that oversized college t-shirt you never really wore (it somehow looks way better on him). Take things one step further, and maybe ensure that you stop stealing each other’s sleepwear by investing in matching couples pajamas. You’d be surprised at how many options there are for sleepwear that looks great on any gender and how much cozier you can get when you’re wearing the same thing. Here are a few of our favorite styles and materials for couples pajamas.

Long Johns Are for Lovers

Matching long johns are just about the cutest thing there is, suggesting the hygge comforts of a log cabin couple, warming up by the fire before tucking in and using their bodies for warmth. OK, so you may not find yourself in this exact scenario, but still, cuddling up on the couch and watching TV with two cups of tea or cocoa before bed is just as adorable. We love how warm and snug long johns are for extra cold winter nights, and they easily transition to thermals to wear under our outdoor clothes for freezing cold days. Whether you decide to rock different colors or go totally matchy-matchy, long johns are the ultimate couples pajamas.

Go to Bed in Button-Downs

Collared button-down pajamas in a chambray or cotton modal fabric are our favorite luxury pajamas for men and women alike. The matching top and bottom in the loose-fitting but tailored style is perfect for when you still want to look put-together at bedtime. The chic pajama style feels just right for rolling out of bed together, and having whoever’s on pancake duty get down to business (the other one gets to brew a fresh pot of coffee). These pj’s are great for everyday wear, or for a special occasion, like birthdays, Christmas or Easter morning, when you want to look a little bit cuter (and maybe more photogenic?) with your partner. Try these on in solids like navy, white and gray with elegant piping, or in a fun print like stripes or floral patterns, and always wake up on the right side of the bed.

Fall Asleep in Flannel

The flannel shirt has already become a staple for men and women alike, whether you’ve been stealing your man’s perfectly worn-in button-down or have opted for one of your own. But flannel pajamas are just as classic, and we love wearing the fabric on top and bottom for ultimate warmth and comfort. Flannel couples pajamas put you and your special someone in classic prints and colors that feel extra seasonal in the colder months without being exclusive to the holidays. Whether you want to be decked out in the iconic plaid flannel pajamas or opt for an exciting and new pattern, flannel pajamas spell fun and comfort no matter what.

Couples Pajamas for Christmas

We couldn’t talk about couples pajamas without mentioning Christmas pjs. Perhaps the ultimate style, Christmas pajamas for couples are a must for some people. Of course, you can deck out your whole family in matching Christmas pajamas, but there’s always the option to keep it to just you and your partner to make it extra special, or if there aren’t any kids in the picture. Special Santa prints, sweet snowflakes, and adorable Christmas animals are perfect come December, and make for the ultimate wardrobe for present-opening. Something about the holiday season makes us want to be a little extra cute and cozy around bedtime with our special someone, and these pjs do the trick.

Hit Snooze in Matching Boxer Shorts

We love adding a bit of men’s style to our look, whether it’s an Oxford Shirt over boyfriend jeans or a smart leather loafer. So why not adopt his style for bedtime? Boxer shorts aren’t just for boys. Their loose and comfortable style and fun prints and patterns look good on anyone, and it’s fun to mix up the look with a cute camisole or fitted t-shirt. Of course, we also love wearing boxers with an oversized t-shirt, just like he does.

Couples pajamas, whether worn intentionally or not, are one of the most adorable looks a couple can rock. Try these options to mix up your matching style and look perfectly paired day and night.


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