Cute and Cozy Airport Outfits

Cute and Cozy Airport Outfits

Now that things are opening up and we can travel, let's do it in style! When traveling, most people are concerned about packing—how to fit everything and what to bring with them. With so much on your mind, it's easy to forget about what you're going to wear on the way to your destination.

When your travel outfit is an afterthought, you could end up less than comfortable at the airport. Choose your airport outfit with care and you can make the most out of the journey. Here are some tips for putting together a cozy airport outfit.

First Things First: Shoes

This is one outfit you want to build from the bottom up. You'll be walking around the airport and sitting in a plane for hours at a time. You don't want to be wearing uncomfortable shoes. Also, airport security usually requires you to remove your shoes before going through the scanner, and this can be rough if you have lace-up gladiator sandals or super tight boots. Not to mention, it's embarrassing to make everyone behind you wait while you're struggling with your shoes.

The best airport footwear is loosely-tied tennis shoes, sneakers, or slip-ons of some kind. Make sure whatever you choose comes with a comfortable sole. These shoes are made for walking and ease of removal, which will serve you well when you're trying to make your flight.

The Chill Vibe

If you like a more easygoing feel and favor casual wear, take that chill vibe on the plane with a set of sweats. Warm sweatpants paired with a matching hoodie you can snuggle in or tie around your waist work great for an airport venture. They feel great and let you stretch out while waiting to board. When the pants and jacket are matched, or at least coordinated, it ensures you look put together and confident. Plus, this outfit doubles as loungewear you can slip into after you've finished a fun day at your destination.

The Athletic Look

Speaking of outfits doing double duty, if you know you'll be working out or doing high-intensity activities on your trip, then you can sneak in an extra activewear outfit by wearing it on the plane. Leggings or yoga pants are elastic and move with you so you won't have any discomfort, and a loose t-shirt will keep you from feeling constrained. They also match well with airport-friendly tennis shoes, which keeps your look consistent.

The Sophisticated Touch

If you''re looking to travel in something a little closer to your normal daily wear, consider pulling on a nice pair of jeans with a long-sleeve shirt and vest combination. This look is a little more refined and could pass for a cute coffee date outfit, especially when paired with pearls or other jewelry. Well-fitting jeans are highly recommended to maintain the comfort aspect while the long sleeves and vest provide ensure your cozy.

Outerwear Additions

Sometimes things get a little chilly when traveling. Airports tend to have strong air conditioning to offset all the body heat and planes are traveling at the kind of altitudes where snow forms. So with your airport outfit decided, you may want to bring along an extra layer, just in case. Great options here include a sweater or chunky cardigan. These are easy to pull over your head or snuggle with while you sit back in your chair. They can also be tied around your waist for easy transport.

Another option for keeping warm is a jacket. A padded windbreaker is a good choice, especially if there's a climate difference between your hometown and your destination. You could even go with denim since that's coming back in style. Maintaining a comfortable temperature is important for staying comfortable, so don't forget to bring some outerwear along.


Should you bring anything else? Sure! These help ready you for whatever weather awaits at your destination. Is the place you're going cold? Put a hat, scarf, and some gloves into your carry-on bag. Is it going to be hot? Bring a baseball cap and sunglasses and try to leave room in your carry-on bag to stow away your sweater when you arrive.

Also, remember your carry-on bag, a most important accessory!


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