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Cute and comfortable outfits for cool-weather travel

As the season changes and the weather begins drastically cooling down, we find ourselves completely altering our wardrobes. Flip-flops are stored away and the boots come out. Tank tops stay in the bottom dresser drawer and the women's sweaters become the go-to tops. And when you are traveling, you'll have to pack accordingly. Here are three cute and comfortable go-to outfits you should have for cool-weather travel.

1. Tunic, leggings, and ballet flats

This is the outfit you want to wear when it's not too cool, but getting cooler. A long-sleeve or 3/4 sleeve tunic with a pair of dark-colored leggings (preferably black) and a pair of ballet flats are cool, comfortable and even a little sophisticated. It's the kind of thing Audrey Hepburn would wear on her days off. If you want to keep a very classic and monochromatic look about the outfit, stick to one solid color: black. Keep all three pieces black. It's utilitarian and effortless yet still maintains and effuses elegance and style.

Of course, you can always switch things up a bit by adding color, varying the style, and changing the material. For example, instead of a black crew neck 3/4 sleeve top, you could switch it out for a plaid flannel tunic top or a sweater fleece tunic pullover top in teal or pink. Another cute tunic style that is appropriate for fall is a cotton cable turtleneck tunic sweater in capri seas or bumbleberry heather. All these tunic styles and colors pair nicely with black leggings, but if you feel like switching up the style and color of the leggings, too, that can be done easily.

2. A flannel shirt, your favorite jeans, and a pair of boots

A women's flannel shirt is quintessential fall wear. If you don't have a flannel shirt, do yourself a favor and get a flannel shirt. Secondly, every woman should own a "favorite" pair of jeans. The pair of jeans she loves above all the other jeans she owns. The pair of jeans that are just as comfortable as they are stylish. They should be so comfortable that they might as well be sweatpants but fashionable enough that you could get away with wearing them to work.

If you are looking at your fall wardrobe and thinking "Hmm, I don't have a favorite pair of jeans," do yourself a favor and go get them. Now, it's worth noting that finding your favorite pair of jeans is not an overnight process. It could take years until you finally land on a pair that really works for you. If you need some suggestions, straight-leg jeans are a classic. They're not tight and restrictive the way most skinny jeans are, but they're not sloppy either. They're a sharp-looking pair of pants that can be dressed up with a floral blouse or kept casual when paired with a flannel shirt. Once you've picked out the plaid flannel shirt you like and a pair of jeans, finish the look with a pair of long brown boots.

3. Denim and denim

This is one of the dressier outfits that you should have during your cool-weather travels. More emphasis is put on how fashionable this outfit is, but it's still a comfortable option. Start with a pair of toasted rye-colored mid-rise straight-leg jeans. The color is very seasonal and fits in perfectly with an autumn foliage backdrop. For your top, go with a blue denim button-up shirt. Accessorize the look with a thin brown belt. Finally, for shoes, a pair of dark brown loafers are great for style and practicality.

4. A Cardigan and a pair of jeans

Does it get any more comfortable than a long open cardigan sweater? Especially if it's a cashmere one? It's like getting away with acceptably wearing a robe in public. If you want something bright and cheery, go for a cotton cable drifter shawl cardigan sweater in raspberry heather. If you want a cardigan sweater that you can zip up, you'll love the cotton-blend mock neck aran cable zip cardigan sweater, which you can get in a variety of colors like malbec wine marl, radian navy donegan marl, and classic gray heather marl.

Finally, if you want a very classic cardigan style, opt for the button-up women's cashmere cardigan sweater in any color such as bright plum or light crystal blue. Cardigans pair nicely with jeans, whether they're traditional blue jeans or black jeans. If you do decide to go with the button-up cashmere cardigan sweater style, you can switch out the jeans for a pleated skirt (provided it's warm enough for a skirt).

5. A Cashmere turtleneck, dark wash jeans, and ankle boots

Speaking of cashmere, we couldn’t leave out the cashmere turtleneck. As mentioned, cashmere gives you a very classic polished fall look. Cashmere also gets better with age and softens if you care for it properly. So, if you combine cozy cashmere with the warmth of the turtleneck, it’s a match made in heaven. Cashmere turtlenecks come in so many different colors, you’re sure to find something that fits your personal style. Pair your turtleneck with a pair of dark-washed jeans for a polished, but casual look. Add in a pair of ankle boots to finish.

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