Cute Accessories to Help You Stay Warm This Winter

Having a great coat is just the start of your cold-weather wardrobe. Along with your toasty best winter coats, lots of stylish winter layers and cute accessories will help you stay warm and look your best.

Accessorize With Cute Layering Pieces

You may already have lots of base pieces in your winter wardrobe—things like women's jeans, women's corduroy pants, turtlenecks, sweaters, and long-sleeve tees. Add additional items that you can create cute looks with throughout the season. Some layering pieces that can be used as accessories include:

  • Leggings: Wear these as an accessory under a dress, jumper, or skirt for a cute look and extra warmth. If a favorite pair of jeans is showing some wear or have torn areas, put on leggings underneath to add some color and style while keeping you warm.
  • Winter Vests: Vests not only add an essential layer of warmth, but they also add an extra boost to your overall look. These come in a wide range of colors and styles, including quilted and fleece versions. Find colors ranging from light pastels to warm winter neutrals. You can pair vests with many items, including turtlenecks, long-sleeve tops, hoodies, and more. Wear them alone in place of a jacket on warmer days and under your coat on chillier days.
  • Poncho or oversized sweater: Poncho style or oversized sweaters add a touch of glamour to any look while adding plenty of warmth. These comfortable, stylish pieces look incredible with leggings, skinny jeans, and other winter pants styles as well as long skirts.
  • Fleece jackets: You may not think of a light fleece jacket as an accessory, but these can pull together a winter outfit and make it look complete. Pair a jacket with a lighter- or darker-colored shirt, or try contrasting colors for a bolder style. Everything from denim to khaki pants works well with a fleece jacket and it's easy to pair them with most top types. These are also good layering pieces to accessorize with if temperatures fluctuate at work or school since you can easily remove it or put it back on as needed.
  • Shawls and wraps: Elegant as well as warm, shawls and wraps can be purchased in a variety of looks from soft and feminine to bold and eye-catching with colorful geometric patterns. These accessories are very versatile and can be worn over almost anything.

Add Essential Winter Accessories for Style and Warmth

Winter layering pieces can help you create great outfits, but that's not all you need to look stylish and keep warm in winter. You also need the winter essentials that help ward off cold-weather chills and keep inclement weather at bay.

Stylish Scarves

Look for mid-weight and heavyweight scarves in a variety of materials and designs. You may want a chunky, woven scarf for a more creative or casual outfit, and then a more streamlined neutral wool scarf for work. Performance scarves look stylish but are also designed to keep you as warm as possible for winter sports and outdoor activities. Along with standard scarves that you can style either around your neck, by tying, or by letting them hang down in front, you can also find specialty styles like infinity scarves that can take your look to another level. Cashmere or cashmere blends can give your scarf a luxury look, while details like monogramming can give scarves a personal touch.

Hot for Hats

Winter hats are another staple that packs a style punch. Cute beanies or winter hats with poms on top are perfect for casual wear, while a simple woven hat, cashmere-blend cloche, or lightweight winter bucket hat are great for wearing to work or anywhere you want to look pretty and polished.

Great Gloves (or Mittens)

Winter can wreak havoc on the hands, from drying out the skin to making them feel tingly and uncomfortable with wind and snow. Great gloves can help you have a stylish look and give you the essential warmth you need when going anywhere in the winter months. Purchase several styles so you're never at a loss with what gloves to wear. Leather or faux leather is great for driving, wearing to work, or for dressy to casual events. Fleece styles are soft, cozy, and can help provide warmth while maintaining style with stunning patterns and vibrant colors. Cable knits can be worn for dressy or casual wear, while sporty versions are ideal for outdoor sports and more.

Consider Accessory Sets

Accessory sets take the guesswork out of finding attractive winter wardrobe pieces. Matching or coordinating scarves, gloves, and hats can provide a pretty and pulled-together look that's easy to put on for busy mornings. Coordinating sets are great for kids, too, since there's no need to worry about trying to match separates.

Cute and Cozy All Season

It doesn't take much to put together winter looks that are super stylish and are also designed to keep you comfortable. Layering pieces and attractive accessories do double duty to keep you cozy and cute this winter.

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