Customer Stories: Women's Swimwear

Customer Stories: Women's Swimwear

With the spring/summer season being right around the corner means swimsuit season is coming. Searching for the perfect swimsuit can be a struggle for many people. Especially because there are so many swim styles to choose from. This makes it hard to find a swimsuit that is comfortable and makes you feel confident. That's why in this article we will be hearing from our customers about their experiences with Lands' End swimwear. These are a few of our customers favorite swimwear pieces from our women's collection. Keep on reading to see what they had to say about their top picks and why they love them.

The Perfect Pair: Finding the Ideal Swim Shorts for a European Vacation

Finding the perfect swimsuit can be a struggle especially when you're planning for a trip to Europe. Whether you're looking for a one piece, a tankini, a bikini, a swim dress, or swim shorts. You must decide what is comfortable to you and what makes you feel the most confident. In this testimony shared by Barbara L. by Email she explained how she was on the hunt for a swimsuit for her trip to Europe. She stated that normally she is super casual and in the summer wears board shorts to the river. Although, this summer she is going to Italy for the first time! She is going to visit seaside towns in the Cinque Terra, a Greek Island, and then a few days on a cruise ship. So, she went to a specialty swimsuit shop and couldn't find anything. There mini swimsuits were too short. So, she decided to wear a regular swimsuit. She was so sad after going to the store and trying on 10 different swimsuits on. She thought she was not going to have a swimsuit to wear on vacation. After, coming home she ordered the blouson swim top and a matching swim mini. Once, receiving the swimsuit she was so pleased with it. She felt so comfortable in the mini it was just the right length, and she loved the print on the top. The swim top looked like a tank top so she felt she could wear it around town after they took a dip in the Mediterranean. Luckily this Lands' End swimsuit was exactly what she was looking for her trip.

Barbara L. Via Email 2019

"In the NW I am usually super casual, in the river in board shorts etc. But we are headed to Italy (first time!) for some seaside towns in the Cinque Terra, a Greek Island, and then a few days on a cruise ship. I knew my board shorts wouldn't cut it. I went to a specialty swimsuit shop and totally struck out. Their swim mini was really mini. I mean if I want my bum sticking out from under the skirt, I'll just wear a regular suit, right??

I was almost in tears when I left the store after trying on 10 different things. I thought, its mission impossible, I'm going to have nothing to wear to swim. Then I came home and ordered the blouson swim top and a matching swim mini. It arrived and can I just say:

You Saved my Trip!

Now I feel comfortable, the mini is so comfy and is just the right length, the top is adorable and such a cute print I will not feel silly to wear it around town after we take a dip in the Mediterranean. It looks like a beautiful tank top.

I am ever so grateful that you have come through for me once again.


Barbara L."

The Comfort of Swim Dresses: Why They're a Great Choice for Swimming and Lounging

One option of swimwear that has gained popularity recently is the swim dress. This is a versatile piece of swimwear that not only provides coverage and support, but also makes the person wearing the swimsuit feel confident and comfortable. One of the main benefits of a swim dress is that it provides coverage for the upper thighs and stomach area. In addition to providing coverage, a swim dress also offers support. Many swim dresses have built-in bras or cups, which can provide additional support. A swim dress can be a great option for those who want to feel comfortable and confident while swimming or lounging in the sun. This style of swimsuit is easy to move in and comfortable to wear. This can help the person wearing the swimsuit to relax and enjoy their time at the pool or beach, without feeling self-conscious about their appearance. Just like @kandidlykim shared this great photo on her Instagram of her rocking her Lands' End swim dress. She shared her testimony about how this was finally a swimsuit she felt comfortable in. She explained that she enjoyed the tummy control feature of the swimsuit as well as the floral print because it keeps everything covered up and held in.

@kandidlykim Via Instagram 2020

"Finally a bathing suit I am comfortable in. This @landsend tummy-controlled swim dress with floral print keeps you covered up and everything held in. Right now, all @landsend bathing suits are on sale. This one is linked.


My yellow bag is thrifted from @goodwillnynj

. #liketkit



* For shopping details follow me on the app under KANDIDLYKIM OR

* follow the link in my profile"

The Advantages of Tankini Swimwear: Style, Coverage, and Comfort

Tankini swimwear is a style of swimwear that is a comfortable and stylish option for swimming and lounging. One major advantage is the added coverage that tankini tops provide compared to traditional bikini tops. This provides a more modest and comfortable fit for those who prefer more coverage on their torso. Tankini tops often come in a variety of styles and designs, providing a greater range of options for personal style. @just.lorilyn shared this great photo of herself on Instagram in her white tankini enjoying a self-care Sunday lounging in sun. Tankini swim is a great piece of swimwear for being active or just lounging around.

@just.lorilyn Via Instagram 2021

"Self Care Sunday ?? Self Care Is Different for everyone. ?? Discover What Self Care Works for you.








Different for everyone.






Works for you."

After reading all these customer stories we have learned about the diverse preferences when it comes to women's swimwear. From the classic tankini to the trendy swim dress, each woman has her own unique style and type of swimwear that makes her feel the most comfortable and confident in. Whether it's a playful print or a flattering cut, the most important thing is that you feel good in your swimwear. These customer stories serve as a reminder that there's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to swimwear, and that every woman deserves to find a piece of swimwear that makes her feel her best. We love hearing stories and feedback from our customers about their experiences with our Lands' End products. We would love it if you all kept these reviews coming. Simply email, tag, or direct message Lands' End to let us know what's on your mind!


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