Customer Stories: It's more than just a Monogrammed Beach Towel

Customer Stories: It's more than just a Monogrammed Beach Towel

In this customer story series on monogrammed towels, we will be sharing real-life stories shared from our customers who have purchased and used our monogrammed beach towels. These stories will showcase the creative and unique ways that customers have used their personalized towels and will hopefully inspire you to think about how you can use a monogrammed towel in your own life. Whether you're planning a family beach vacation, a pool day, or simply want to add a touch of personalization to your home, a monogrammed towel can be a fun and functional accessory. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy these customer stories about monogrammed towels!

Finding Comfort in Unity: Matching Monogrammed Beach Towels Help Bring a Family Together in a Time of Need

In this customer story, Joyce F. shared the story of how the Hurley gang received Lands' End beach towels monogrammed with "Beach Rat" on them. They were a gift from her brother, Hugh Hurley, on Christmas day. Her brother got these towels so that they could use them on the trip they were planning, a vacation in Ocean City, NJ. He thought it would be a great idea for the whole family to have their towels monogrammed with "Beach Rat" on the towels. Sadly, her nephew Brian and his family of five lost everything in a house fire, including their monogrammed towels. She shared this story with us to see if Lands' End would be able to replace their much-loved Beach Rat towels. Her brother took such care in selecting the perfect towel for each of them. She explained their family and friends were trying to do as much as they can to help Brian's family, but that it is the small things that count the most. We were able to send the family the replaced towels and two embroidered canvas tote bags. This touching story shows how while it is not about the materialistic items, sometimes it is the meaning behind that item that counts. We were so glad that as a company we could replace the towels for them during this hard time so that the family could still enjoy their family trip to Ocean City, NJ.

Joyce F. via Email 2019:

"Hello Lands' End,

Please see the photo attached, it is the Hurley gang on Christmas day showing off their Lands' End "Beach Rat" towels that were a gift from my brother, Hugh Hurley. He was so excited to give them to us. We are planning a vacation in Ocean City, NJ this July and kept saying how great it will be for us all sitting in our beach chairs and having our "Beach Rat" towels hanging down the back of the chairs ---we will get so many people envious!

Unfortunately, my nephew Brian and his family of five just lost everything in a house fire, including their beautiful towels. The fire was an electric problem and they did not have renter insurance. Brian just finished his Bachelor's degree and Darnell is working on her Master's degree in nursing.

I am writing to ask a very special favor - if Lands' End would see it in their hearts to replace their much loved Beach Rat towels for them.

The order was placed by Brian's dad, my brother, Hugh Hurley. I can remember how Hugh told the story on Christmas Day as to the order agent helping him place the order, he said they had such a great time talking and that she said she must visit Ocean City, NJ herself. In the left, bottom corner of the picture you can see the Lands' End box. You can only image, seeing nine Lands' End boxes with personalize gift tags and after the second one was opened, we all could not wait to see our towels knowing my brother bought one for each of us. Hugh took such care in selecting the perfect towel for each. The ones lost in the order were Brian, Darnell, AAliyah (not in either photo), Gabe, and Nolan.

Family and friends are doing so much to help them, yet the small things mean so much too. If you would find it in your heart to help them I can be reached at ... And, I would love for my brother Hugh to not find out as I want to do this for him too. Plus, Hugh won't stop talking about your generosity if so. And - I know you will for sure have a beach photo and a customer story to post.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

A grateful Aunt and sister!"

"**Jodie May, from our Surprise and Delight team, got to work and sent the family new towels and two tote bags. We received some pictures and a nice response in return. On behalf of everyone in my family, thanks so much for your kindness, thoughtfulness, and help during this difficult time. Thank you so much for making the recovery process easier. And, what a surprise to not only have the towels replaced; but to also receive two embroidered bags, one for me and the other for my brother, Hugh. The generosity by Lands' End will be remembered always; you can bet we'll share your thoughtfulness with others for years to come. If there is anything more I can do to show my appreciation, please ask!

Very grateful to all, thank you!

Joyce F."

Bonding by the Beach: Matching Monogrammed Beach Towels for a Family Vacation

Having a monogrammed beach towel for everyone in the family can bring a sense of unity and personalization to your vacation. Not only are these towels functional for drying off after a dip in the ocean or pool, but they also serve as a special memento for each family member. Lands' End offers high quality beach towels that are made to last and withstand the sand and sun. Lands' End offers the option for monogramming and personalization which allows you to choose from a variety of logos, decals, names, or initials to make each towel unique. With a range of colors and patterns to choose from, you can find the perfect towel to suit each family member's style. These personalized towels are sure to become a treasured part of your family's summer vacation traditions. In Stacy S.'s testimony, she shared that her family ordered a different monogrammed beach towel for every family member for their vacation to the Outer Banks, NC. She explained that her family members enjoyed the size of the towels, as well as the colors and personalized details. She also shared this great photo of all the beach towels hanging on a fence near the pool.

Stacy S. via Email 2019:

"I wanted to share a photo from my summer vacation this year in the Outer Banks, NC. I ordered a different monogrammed towel for everyone. We all loved the size, colors and personalization."

Grandparents' Love on Display: Personalized Beach Towels for Each Grandchild

@heartcraftgirl shared this great image and testimony about how her Nana and Papa have adopted her kids since they don't have any grandkids. She explained that they got each of the grandkids personalized monogrammed beach towels with their name on them. Monogrammed beach towels with each grandchild's name on it makes for a special and personalized gift. Not only do these personalized towels serve as a practical item for beach or pool trips, but they will also serve as a sentimental keepsake for the grandkids just like they did for @heartcraftgirl's family.

@heartcraftgirl via Instagram 2021:

"Fancy towels from our Nana & Papa who adopted my kids since they don't have grandkids of their own ??. So special to have them in our lives. Every year she orders a fancy personalized ornament for each of the boys. We love them so! Do you have a special non-family/family member in your life?! ??.

I labeled some of our hooks yesterday with my @officialcricut... swipe for a funny pic in the hot tub!"

After hearing a variety of our customer stories about their Lands' End monogrammed towels, we have learned it's more than just a monogrammed towel; it is a symbol of thoughtfulness and care. It shows that the person who gave or received the towel took the time to add a special touch to make it unique and meaningful. It is also a way for someone to highlight their creativity and personalization when customers choose to add a monogram to their towels. It's stories like these that put a smile on our faces! We would love it if you all kept these reviews coming. Simply email, tag, or direct message Lands' End to let us know what's on your mind!


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