Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Virtually

Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day Virtually

Even when you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in person, there are lots of unique ways to do it in spirit. Use this guide to discover some creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day virtually for sweet moments they won’t forget. 

Have a Virtual Glass of Wine Together

Whether it’s your sweetheart, significant other, a crush, or a friend, having a glass of wine together is a relaxing and fun way to celebrate this sweet holiday. Set up a time to meet with your special someone on your favorite video chat platform, pop open your favorite bottle of wine, and grab a fun wineglass to round it all out. To make the moment even more special, plan to gift the person a bottle of wine and a matching wineglass in advance of the holiday. For a special touch, you might even consider sending a cute wine tote or fun wine charms too!

Play "Would You Rather" or "Never Have I Ever" Games

If you’re looking to get to know someone better or take your relationship to the next level this Valentine’s Day, why not consider doing it in a fun, creative way with a game? These question-style games are easy and allow you to get the dirty deets on your significant other. Use pre-made online lists or come up with your own questions to find out different preferences and some deeper facts about his or her personality. You can keep it light and fun or take it to the more serious side; it all depends on how you feel and what stage your relationship is at. Cozy it up with fun throw pillows and fuzzy throw blankets for a more relaxed vibe.

Get Your Groove on With a Dance Party or Virtual Karaoke

Nothing gets the laughs going more than a zany dance party or a round of virtual karaoke. This can be fun if you want to plan a double or triple virtual date with friends this Valentine’s Day, or even if you want to celebrate the day platonically with family or friends. You can make it a pajama party or wear your favorite comfy clothes, like sweatpants, tees, and soft hoodies, to make it a relaxed, fun-loving time. Look up great Valentine's Day songs in advance to keep the theme going strong.

Set the Mood With Creative Decor

If you’re planning on a virtual video chat date this holiday, you can set the mood in a fun and creative way that’s not too complicated. Choose Valentine-colored candles and set out a real or faux bouquet of flowers. You may even want to consider hanging some handmade signs or decor that tells your sweetheart how special he or she is to you. You can create a simple banner with your names in large letters on card stock and hang them up with twine for a rustic look, or you could do something elegant with metallic spray paint and a sweet Valentine's Day saying on poster board. Decorative plants and greenery also make great fresh accents that can help balance out the sugary colors of the holiday.

Have a Virtual Card-Making Contest

Valentine’s Day probably comes second to Christmas as a card-giving holiday — and for good reason. Everyone, from kids giving their classmates Valentines to spouses or those in a long-term relationship, feels good about giving people cards. Make it a fun and creative event by turning it into a contest. You can challenge your honey to use household or craft items to come up with the most creative card. If you want to take it further, you can make it a themed contest, such as over-the-top, animal, classic Valentine’s Day elements, and more. This is also a fun way to celebrate virtually for kids and groups of friends as well.

Cook a Romantic Meal Together in Your Own Spaces

Think of a favorite meal the two of you enjoy and celebrate virtually by each making it at home together and sharing the results. Go all out and set the table with pretty tableware, linens, and your best dinnerware. Want to keep it more casual? Make it a lighter fare or an appetizer session with a picnic set or cute cheeseboards. To make it extra special, consider sending your sweetheart some fun kitchen accents, like a new apron or a fun buffalo plaid dinner napkins. Don’t forget dessert!

Whether you make an all-out fancy dessert or skip the tiramisu and just reminisce over a few chocolates, you can’t go wrong when it comes to laughing, talking, and sharing virtually from the kitchen in men’s or women’s loungewear or comfy pajamas this Valentine’s Day.

Visit a Romantic Destination, Virtually

Thanks to all the amazing documentaries, movies, and even YouTube videos on different gorgeous locales throughout the world, it’s easier than ever to visit an unforgettable destination with your sweetheart virtually. Make it more fun by dressing up in your favorite swimsuits and learning about the destination while lounging in some beach towels and sipping a cool tropical drink from a custom cooler glass.

Share the places that you would most want to visit and what you would want to see there. Discover more about the unique destinations with your sweetheart without leaving the comfort of your living room.

Send Custom Gifts That Will Melt His or Her Heart

Nothing says romance like thinking about the person you love and their interests. Why not make Valentine’s Day extra special this year by sending a long-distance gift that shows you put some thought into it? Get some custom gifts that really speak to your loved one's style and interests. This could be anything from monogrammed bath towels to a personalized beach tote. Luxurious gifts, such as specially scented soaps, super-soft robes or slippers, or comfy new sheet sets or comforters are always a hit on Valentine’s Day too.

Make This Valentine’s Day the Best (Virtual) Celebration Ever

You don’t have to be a culinary genius or a master artist to have some creative fun this Valentine’s Day. Spend a few minutes whipping up some ideas, and you can’t go wrong when you visit virtually with your sweetheart this holiday.


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