Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

Getting into the Christmas spirit means something different for everyone. Maybe your favorite part of the holiday is decking the halls (and the entire house) in winter wonderland-worthy Christmas décor, or perhaps the most special time for you is when you go to pick out the perfect Christmas tree. From hanging the stockings on the mantle while you jam out to your holiday playlist to spending Christmas morning in matching family pajamas, we all have a part of the holiday that we most look forward to. And, for many of us, giving and receiving gifts is a big part of the celebration.

Once you’ve tackled all your holiday shopping and found the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, it’s time to get to wrapping. Wrapping gifts for your loved ones can be a fun tradition in and of itself. Especially when you have to hide them from family members while putting the final touches on their gifts before adding them to the pile under the tree. Watching your needlepoint Christmas stockings fill to the brim and having festive-looking parcels under the tree adds to the magic of this holiday. Read on for some creative gift-wrapping ideas that’ll make this part of Christmas feel even more special than it already is.

Create a Stackable Snowman

This first idea is perfect if you’re giving several gifts to someone that are part of a set. For example, if you’re giving a pajama set with bottoms, a top, and a flannel robe, or if you’re giving a gaming console with the console, controllers, and a new game.

For this festive wrapping idea, you’ll need three different-size boxes: one large, one medium, and one small. Wrap them each in plain white wrapping paper and stack them with the larger box on the bottom and the smaller one on top, with the medium-sized one in the middle. Next, add some black “buttons” to the box in the middle and a cute snowman face to the top. You can either draw these details on or use crafting paper to cut out and glue them on. Complete your cute and festive gift snowman with a little scarf or a top hat that you can cut from old fabric.

Turn a Gift Bag Into a Gingerbread House

Next up is another easy DIY project: a gift bag gingerbread house. For this one, all you’ll need is a plain gift bag, preferably one in a neutral tone like white or plain brown, but you can make any color work. Next, transform your gift bag into a festive gingerbread house, either with markers or using craft paper and the cut-and-paste method.

Add touches like little windows with gumdrop wreaths, a scalloped roof with a snowy trim, and a door next to a candy cane lamppost – you can even tape some cellophane wrap to the bag for an added touch, but we don’t recommend doing this if you have pets in your home.

Transform a Gift Bag Into an Elf on the Shelf

Once you’ve created an adorable gingerbread house gift bag, you’re likely ready to put those skills to use again, which is where the gift bag elf on a shelf comes in. Kiddos especially tend to love the elf-on-the-shelf Christmas tradition, so this is particularly perfect for kids’ gifts.

Start with a red or green gift bag and add details like the elf’s striped leggings with pointy black boots and the pointy white collar using crafting paper. Affix the leggings to the bottom of the bag and the collar to the top of the bag with glue or tape, and then create or purchase a tiny elf hat to tie onto the bag’s handle.

Order Custom Wrapping Paper

If DIY isn’t your thing, or if you simply don’t have the time for it during the busy holiday season, don’t fret! You can make creative wrapping ideas with store-bought paper by ordering custom wrapping paper. Many online stores offer the option to submit a picture of a person or a pet that they’ll turn into gift wrap for you or even other items like socks or magnets while you’re at it.

This is an especially fun idea for the pet lover in your life. Find a cute picture of their furry friend and order custom wrapping paper with their precious cat, dog, or maybe bearded dragon (we’re not here to judge!) and use it to wrap up the fun pet supplies or personalized dog bed you got them as a gift. Just a pro tip here: these online stores get busy around the holidays, so be sure to order your wrapping paper well in advance.

With Christmas right around the corner, there are so many fun traditions and festivities to look forward to, and gifting is a huge part of that for many of us. Take your gift-giving game to the next level this year with some creative wrapping paper ideas that’ll also make the packages under your tree look even more festive!


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