Creative Easter Ideas for Kids

Creative Easter Ideas for Kids

Kids and Easter—they just go together. From adorable toddlers' Easter dresses to Easter baskets to Easter bunnies, it’s a wonderful time of the year. Let’s look at some creative Easter ideas for kids.

Homemade Easter Cards

This is a great activity to do a week or two in advance of Easter. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, and friends far away would love to receive a homemade Easter card from your little one. Pull out the craft items from the kids’ storage or make a quick trip to the store for construction paper and a few basics like crayons and stick glue.

Encourage the kids to draw and sign the cards themselves (even if they need a little help). Years from now these festive scrawls will be even more precious than they are now. Bunnies, Easter eggs, and flowers all make easy decorations for the cards. You can follow up the card making with story time or a short video with an Easter theme, too. Your local library, bookstore, or streaming service is sure to have something fun.

Pin the Tail on the Easter Bunny

As far as party games go, this one couldn’t be easier and is bound to be fun for all ages. Start with a drawing of an Easter bunny that you can pin or tape to a wall (be careful not to remove paint) at a height that all participants can reach. Have a supply of cotton balls handy along with some tape. Give each participant a cotton ball with tape attached, blindfold them, spin them once or twice, and have them try to pin the tail on the Easter bunny.

This game isn’t just for kids! Children of all ages will get a kick out of how tricky it is to get the tail on the right spot, and the kids will enjoy seeing the grownups acting silly. This game also has the advantage of not being “messy." If the little ones get restless after some of the Easter festivities, it can be a nice diversion, even if they’re still wearing girls' Easter dresses or boys' Easter outfits.

Hop Down the Bunny Trail

If you have little ones who need to burn off some energy, create a “bunny trail” either outside or in a room with enough space to be physical and have them see who can hop to the end of the trail the fastest. All you really need is a starting area, a finish line, and a little creativity. If you have kids of different ages, consider breaking them into groups to make sure that little hoppers get to go first and don’t accidentally get run over by big hoppers. You can also play music during the hop to make it more fun.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

If the weather doesn’t cooperate this Easter (we know about these things in Wisconsin), just move the Easter egg hunt indoors. If there are colorful eggs, candy, or toys involved, the kids won’t care if the eggs are hidden behind a tree or under a throw pillow. Just make sure to set clear ground rules about where eggs can be hidden. Certain rooms and areas will need to be off-limits to make sure that everyone’s privacy is respected and that the crystal vase you love can’t get knocked over during the thrill of the hunt.

Decorate Your Own Easter Cupcake

Another fun Easter activity is baking and decorating! If the kids are old enough to help bake (with a little help most will be) have them help put the batter together and fill the cupcake tins. If you want to make it super low maintenance, start with cupcakes that you made earlier and use ready-made frosting. Add some food coloring, some sprinkles, or small Easter candies, and you have a fun and delicious activity.

Make sure that everyone involved is dressed for the occasion. Make sure to have old T-shirts to use as “baking smocks” and have them change out of any Easter outfits before you start.

Easter Nature Walk

If the weather cooperates, why not take the kids on an Easter nature walk? It’s the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors and get some exercise at the same time. Have them see who can spot the most signs of spring, from budding flowers to green grass to birds that have returned from their southern migration. You can even keep score and have prizes if you want to do so. If you appreciate local flora and fauna, this can be a great way to sprinkle some teachable moments in along with the frivolity. Make sure that everyone has good walking shoes for this one and is dressed to walk and play outdoors. Nature walks are supposed to get a little messy.

Get creative and have a fun Easter with the kids!


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