Creating a Space Just for Your Kids

Creating a Space Just for Your Kids

Everyone needs a special space to call their own, including kids. No matter how big or small your home is, there are ways to create a unique space that kids can have to play, do homework, or just dream and explore. Use these easy tips and ideas to make a space that your kids will love!

Consider Your Child’s Interests — and Make a Space to Match

Kids can have very different personalities and interests, so make a quick list of what yours enjoy the most when thinking about creating a cool, special space for them. Is your child into art? Set up the space with fun bins for art and painting supplies, and attach an easel or chalkboard to the wall. Does your son or daughter love to read? Make it a cozy book nook with shelves for favorites books and comfy bean bags for kids. Does your little one love to be active? Make a space where he or she can toss bouncy balls or jump on a mini-trampoline. When the area is set up specifically for what your child is interested in, it’s sure to be a hit.

Let Your Child Have a Hand in the Decorating and Setup

Even young kids like to have a sense of autonomy, so why not let them make some decisions on how their personal space will be set up and decorated? While you may not be able to give life to everything your child wants, you can let them have options in picking out colors and styles for things like canvas storage bins, rugs, throw pillows, wall decor, and more. If you have multiple options for where your child’s space can be set up, you may want to allow them a say in that as well.

Use a Combination of New and Repurposed Items

If you’re on a budget, you can still create an amazing space for children. Try using a creative combination of repurposed items from around the house along with some new pieces to give the space a fresh, inviting feel. For example, if you have some old curtains that aren’t being used, they can be put up to section off a space or used to make a fun feature like a puppet theater. Extra baskets and bins can be used to organize toys, games, and other items. Give up some spare blankets, pillows, or kids’ bedding for fort play, or sort odds and ends from the kitchen for creative play cooking. Purchase new some new decor, rugs, and other items as needed to make it feel bright and new.

Consider a Themed Space for Creative Fun

If you’re stuck on exactly how to make a really great original place for the kids, consider using a fun theme! For example, use colorful beach towels, bright decorations, and summer toys to set up a beach-themed spot for kids to play and relax. Make a mini-movie space with plush throw blankets and kids’ movie posters on the wall. Create a race car theme with black-and-white wall decor and a racetrack rug. Appeal to a child’s love of nature by creating a fun nature area with rock and shell collections, driftwood decor, and a collection of Kids’ National Geographic magazines. The options are endless — just consider what your child gets excited about and try to make a theme around one of those ideas.

Make the Space Part Functional and Part Fun

To make it more appealing to do schoolwork or homework assignments, consider making your child’s space part functional and part fun. Designate one area of their room, playroom, or other space as a work area with a kid-size desk or table, and stock it with fun school supplies like pencils in bright colors and kids’ motivational posters. Then, arrange another part of the room to be solely for fun pursuits, whether it be music, building things, playing with figurines, or making crafts.

Make the Space Easy to Keep Clean

When kids have a space of their own, it can help teach them responsibility. Encourage your child to keep his or her space neat and tidy on their own, and they will feel a big sense of accomplishment in doing so. In order to make this easier, make the setup as easy as possible to keep clean and organized. Ensure there is plenty of storage for toys and other items, and use clever organizing solutions like covered ottomans or storage benches that can do double duty. Supply kids with items like a mini broom and dust pin, duster, or microfiber cloth so they can tidy the area with their own kid-size supplies.

Let Imagination Rule (But Have a Few Rules, Too)

While your kid’s space will be the ideal solution for letting the imagination run free, it’s a good idea to set up a few basic rules in advance as well. For example, you may want to restrict kids from having snacks or drinks in their special space to cut back on sticky messes. Or, you may want to put in place a rule that kids can only play in their dream space after schoolwork or chores are done.

The Perfect Kid Space

It’s not difficult to create an incredible space that your kids can be proud to call their own. Along with a little creativity, some basic plans and rules will make it fun and functional to keep the whole family happy.


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