How to Make it Feel Like Cozy Season if You Live Somewhere Warm

How to Make it Feel Like Cozy Season if You Live Somewhere Warm

Living in a warm climate certainly has its perks—no snow to clean off your car after a big storm, no chance of slipping on ice, and the ability to spend time (enjoyably) outside all year long. But, as nice as warm weather all year long is, it may feel like you’re missing something as you scroll through social media and see friends and influencers making the most of the cold weather by building snowmen, cozying up with a cup of hot chocolate, or bundling up in their go-to wool sweaters.

If you have a bit of FOMO when it comes to the cozy, winter season, there are things you can do to infuse this winter energy into your home (just without the frigid temperatures). Here’s how to make it feel like cozy season even if you live in a warm place.

Overall, Lean Into The Colder Days

Are the temperatures dropping below normal? Perfect. Lean into the rare chillier weather even if it is still technically warmer than the rest of the country. As soon as the temps drop, do something that’s associated with colder days like cozying up on the couch with your favorite throw blankets and a mug of hot tea or putting on a warm pair of socks as you do chores throughout the house.

Make Comforting Meals

One of the best things about cold weather are the comfort foods that help you warm up and keep you nourished on chilly days. To add some coziness to your home during the winter season, get cooking! Whether it’s warm or cold out, making some comforting meals gives your home an instant dose of cozy. Try whipping up a hearty chili or some creamy macaroni and cheese. Or you can make a batch of cookies or a pan of brownies if your family is craving a sweet treat.

Either way, the warming nature of these comfort foods will have you feeling like you’re chowing down on a New England winter day.

Dress The Part

While you likely won’t be purchasing a down coat to venture out in 60-degree weather, you can still purchase other winter clothing items that will have you feeling warm and protected from the elements. This can mean buying yourself some wool socks to wear on the days that do drop a bit in temperature or getting an ultra-cozy women’s fleece to throw on as you run your Saturday errands. If the weather allows, use this time of year to wear the pieces of clothing that you save for winter trips or cold days.

Swap Out Your Pillows and Blankets

While you may not live in an actually cold area, the weather is probably still a little chillier than it is in the summer, right? If that’s the case, swap out your summertime sheets, blankets, and pillows for something a little warmer. You can try fleece throws instead of cotton blankets or throw pillows made of cozy fabrics like velvet or corduroy. If you live somewhere where the weather allows, you can even change your linen sheets for a pair of flannel sheets.

Light Candles

Few things say cozy more than flickering candles throughout a home, and even better if they’re in particularly warming scents like vanilla, balsam, or cinnamon. To give your space an instant winter feel, light some candles throughout your space no matter the time of day or the time of year.

You can light a candle in your office as you work from home, or in the living room as you watch TV with your family. No matter what you decide, your candles are sure to bring an instant sense of calm and warmth to your home.

Start Your Day With a Hot Beverage

Iced coffee just doesn’t have the same comforting characteristics as a mug of hot coffee. So, to go along with this cozy feeling, sip hot coffee throughout the season (it’s what people do in colder climates!). You can even add a dash of cinnamon to your cup for some extra cheer. And if hot coffee isn’t your thing, start your day with a mug of hot tea or warm lemon water instead of an iced beverage. These warm beverages will have you feeling snug and cheerful as soon as the day begins.

In the end, cozy season is a mindset. The season has arrived if you’re in your warm home with loved ones and enjoying activities that bring you some winter joy—and that can be a reality anywhere you live.


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