Cozy Outfits for Your Next Staycation

Cozy Outfits for Your Next Staycation

There's something so relaxing about taking a nice staycation. While a resort might feature poolside service with those little umbrella drinks or massages you can book from your room (OK, yes, these things do sound nice, but hear us out), it certainly can't harness that feeling of home that we all know and love.

The trick to planning and enjoying a proper staycation is commitment. You have to commit to the comforts and luxuries of being home, commit to spending a weekend away from your work email even if it's within arms reach, commit to only ordering takeout and not cooking lavish new recipes you haven't tried — you get the idea. You have to make certain commitments to make a staycation feel like a staycation and not just another weekend in, and that applies to your staycation outfits as well.

When it comes to selecting outfits for your next staycation, the goal should be a perfect harmony of cute and cozy. Read on for tips on putting together 4 staycation looks that'll have you asking, "Who needs poolside service when I can be in my comfy sweats?"


If you're looking for all of the benefits of those aforementioned comfy sweats but with a slightly dressier twist, look no further than some snazzy women's lounge pants. While there are so many styles of lounge pants to choose from, a pair of high-rise, elastic, pull-on capri pants are the perfect fit for this staycation look.

These pants look just as stylish as your favorite chinos but provide all of the comfort and stretch of your favorite sweatpants. Start with these comfy bottoms and pair them with a classic tee and moccasin-style slippers. This outfit is made for staycations because it's as relaxed as it is cute, and it works well for any and all staycation activities, from curling up for a movie marathon to enjoying a meal on the back deck.

Cute and Comfy

This staycation-approved look is centered around a tunic sweatshirt, specifically a long-sleeve crewneck in a vibrant pattern, like retro colorblock or white and navy tie-dye. This style of tunic sweatshirt is perfect for all of your staycation needs because it's classic and cute while feeling just as comfy as your favorite hoodie and opting for a fun pattern will give this look a vacation vibe. To complete this outfit, simply pair your tunic sweatshirt with a pair of your favorite solid-color leggings and knee-high slipper socks. This getup is ideal for any and all indoor staycation activities, from watching an entire series with pizza in hand to playing board games with the family.

Short But Sweet

If your staycation is taking place in spring or summer (or if you have amazing central heating roaring through winter), then this look is for you. This staycation outfit starts with a cute pair of comfy cotton shorts in either a solid color or a fun floral print.

These shorts are great for a staycation that involves both lounging and perhaps a nearby walk or any backyard activities or meals. While comfy cotton shorts are just as stylish as any other shorts, they provide that level of comfort you should be committing to for your staycation. To finish this look, pair your shorts with a classic tee layered with a cardigan or an open-front sweater if you need added warmth. This outfit works well with anything from house slippers to strappy sandals to sneakers.

Relaxing's a Breeze

There's something so staycation-perfect about slipping into a comfy sundress. Sundresses are so perfect for vacay time because they give the illusion of effort while actually being the easiest things in our closets. This staycation look is as simple as it is stylish and cute. The outfit centers around a breezy cotton sundress, which can really stand on its own if your staycation is taking place in spring or summer.

If you want to make your sundress work for a colder weather staycation, simply add layers, like an open-front cardigan sweater and leggings. For outdoor staycation activities, opt for a knee-length, button-down shirt dress with strappy sandals, and for your indoor vacay needs, go with a sleeveless cotton jersey dress paired with your favorite slippers or slipper socks.

We hope these effortless, cute, and cozy looks leave you feeling inspired to plan your next staycation! Once you have your outfits picked out, get ready to unplug and unwind without ever having to leave your yard (or your living room). It doesn't get much better than that!


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